Former President Moon “Thanks to the people of the Blue House, who did not have a single case of bribery corruption”…Aiming at Lee Dong-gwan?

Former President Moon Jae-in said on the 30th, “I want to express메이저놀이터 my gratitude to the people of the Blue House at the time, when there was not a single case of corruption related to money and goods.” It is noteworthy that the remarks were made amid suspicion that a shopping bag containing 20 million won in cash was handed over to the spouse of Korea Communications Commission nominee Dong-gwan Lee, who served as senior secretary for public relations at the Blue House during the Lee Myung-bak administration, in 2010 for a personnel favor.

On the same day, former President Moon introduced the book <My Blue House Diary> by Yoon Jae-kwan, former presidential secretary for state affairs, on social network service ( SNS ), and said, “It is a book that I am very happy and grateful for.”

Former President Moon said, “The Blue House is a workplace that requires the highest work ethic and work ethic.” Former President Moon emphasized, “It is a job that requires a lot of work, tension, and hard work, but should be rewarded only for rewarding work.”

Former President Moon said, “Former secretary Yoon introduced the work life of the Blue House as a colleague who suffered together at the Blue House for five years from the beginning to the end of the president’s term.”

In a statement regarding the suspicion of the spouse’s request for personnel request, Lee said, “I strongly regret that I continued to raise groundless allegations while ignoring the fact that I refused to attempt a personnel request and even reported it to the assessment agency for legal action. express,” he said. Lee said, “I have never received any money or valuables or convenience for a personnel request, and Dong-geon also returned the cash as soon as it was confirmed that it was disguised as a souvenir, and reported this fact through the Civil Affairs Office (the Blue House at the time).” revealed

YTN reported that November 2009 and January 2010 resumes and a shopping bag containing 20 million won in cash were handed over to the spouse of Lee Dong-gwan, then chief public relations officer at the Blue House. In a police investigation, the spouse of the nominee said, “I received Mr. C’s resume from Mr. A in November 2009, and two months later, in mid-January 2010, I received a shopping bag with a towel in it. I gave it back for the night,” he said. YTN reported that Mr. C asked Mr. A for the position of Public Relations Planning Director of the G20 Preparatory Committee, of which Candidate Lee was an ex-officio member.

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