From fasting to shaving my head… Democratic Party denounces ‘Saemangeum budget cuts’ and shaves heads

On the 7th, the Democratic Party of Korea strongly opposed the government’s Saemangeum social overhead capital ( SOC ) budget cut, with a large number of lawmakers from the Jeonbuk region shaving their heads. It is interpreted that Lee Jae-myung, leader of the Democratic Party of Korea, went on a hunger strike and even shaved his head, showing the appearance of a strong opposition party and attempting to ‘judge the regime’ before the general election.

The Democratic Party held a ‘Saemangeum budget cut condemnation rally’ in front of the National Assembly headquarters this evening. About 2,000 people gathered at the condemnation rally, including floor leader Park Gwang-on, Jeonbuk Provincial Party Chairman Han Byeong-do, Jeonbuk National Assembly members, regional committee chairs, provincial councilors, city and county councilors, key party officials and members, and Jeollabuk-do residents.

They held candles and pickets with the words ‘Save Saemangeum’ and shouted, “Stop neglecting Jeonbuk and save Saemangeum,” and “Saemangeum is not guilty. We condemn the dictatorship of the budget.”

The Democratic Party warned that it would not pass the government ‘s budget plan if the SOC budget was not reflected in this year’s budget. As the main opposition party with a majority of seats, it will strongly oppose it.

Floor leader Park Gwang-on said, “President Yoon Seok-yeol said on August 2nd in relation to the Saemangeum Jamboree opening competition, ‘Speed ​​is the problem with Saemangeum development. We will fully support it.'” He added, “Then, less than a month later, on the 9th, the Saemangeum budget was completely reviewed.” “They say they will do it,” he pointed out.

Floor leader Park continued, “The cutting of the Saemangeum budget by a whopping 80% is an idea to use the budget as a weapon to vent one’s anger and dictatorship,” and added, “Unless you know Jeonbuk as a fool, it cannot be rationalized by the term ‘big picture.’ It is not a big picture, it is a big lie.” pointed out.

Representative Lee Jae-myeong, who is fasting, said he would not attend due to health reasons, but later left the hunger strike and attended the condemnation rally. Representative Lee Jae-myeong, holding a candle, said, “We still have enough power to talk with you,” and added, “Even though power is strong and seems to be eternal, we seem to be forgetting that it is ultimately temporary, a power entrusted to us by the people for a short period of time. We need to wake them up. “I will,” he said.

Representative Lee said, “The people are the owners of this country, and that kind of power is ultimately nothing more than a means to work for the people, temporarily entrusted to them by the people. In the end, it cannot survive because it goes against the will of the people, and in the end, the will of the people is carried out.” “It will happen,” he said.

At the condemnation rally on this day, six National Assembly members of the Democratic Party (Kim Yun-deok, Kim Seong-ju, Shin Young-dae, Yoon Jun-byeong, Lee Won-taek, and Ahn Ho-young), whose constituencies are Jeonbuk, held a group hair-shaving ceremony.

Rep. Kim Soo-heung (Iksan, Jeollabuk-do) was unable to attend due to 메이저놀이터COVID-19 infection, but Jeonbuk Regional Committee Chairman Lee Byeong-cheol and Namwon, Imsil, and Sunchang Regional Committee Chairman Park Hee-seung were present.

The lawmakers who decided to shave their heads took responsibility for their failure to prevent budget cuts and expressed their willingness to take the lead in the fight.

Rep. Lee Won-taek said, “The government is blaming the Moon Jae-in administration and Jeonbuk Province for the cause of this jamboree failure.” He added, “After being pushed back by public opinion, they are now blaming Saemangeum for problems in Saemangeum, which is reclaimed land. However, I believe that the cause of this jamboree failure is Saemangeum.” “I think it’s in the Yoon government,” he criticized.

Representative Kim Seong-ju raised his voice, saying, “We are not only fighting for the restoration of the Saemangeum budget, but we are fighting for the pride of Jeollabuk-do residents and against the totalitarianism of the Yoon administration. This fight will last a long time, but we will definitely win.” .

They plan to hold a press conference in front of the Ministry of Strategy and Finance in the future and argue for restoration of the budget. On this day, Rep. Han Byeong-do, chairman of the Jeollabuk-do Provincial Party Committee, is scheduled to conduct a hair-shaving ceremony.

One lawmaker said, “The government cut the Saemangeum budget according to the budget plan, but the party leader and the floor leader say that if the Saemangeum budget is cut, they will not pass this year’s government budget.” He added, “We will block it at the Budget and Settlement Committee and block it at the plenary session. Saemangeum budget right away.” “Save it,” he said.

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