Fu Bao has a twin brother… Female twin pandas born in Everland

Twin giant pandas were born in Everland.

Today (11th), Everland announced that female twin pandas메이저놀이터 were born between the male giant panda Lebao and the female Aibao living in Panda World.

The twin pandas were born on the 7th at 4:52 am and 6:39 am, about an hour after Ai Bao went into labor.

At birth, his older sister Panda weighed 180g and his younger brother 140g.

Born in July 2020, Fu Bao was 197g at birth. Now it is about 98 kg.

Currently, the mother Aibao and the baby pandas are both healthy and receiving intensive care from zookeepers and veterinarians.

Zookeeper Kang Cheol-won, who is called ‘panda installment’, said, “I am very happy that twin baby pandas were born for the first time in Korea following Fubao.”

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