Gangneung Munseong High School, Gangwon-do Football Association Championship

Gangneung Munseong High School won the championship in the Gangwon-do Football Association championship and obtained the right to participate in the national sports festival.

Gangneung Munseong High School, led by coach Kim Jin-hwan, defeated Hongcheon FCU18 3-0 in the final of the 2023 Gangwon-do Association Cup Football Tournament and the 104th National Sports Festival held in Hongcheon on the 2nd and lifted the championship cup.

On this day, Gangneung Munseong High School’s Ha Joo-hyung, Choo Seung-won, and Lim Soo-hyeok all scored one point.

Gangneung Munseong High School, which participated from the quarterfinals of this tournament, drew 2-2 with Gangwon FCU18 Gangneung Jeil High School and won 6-5 after a penalty shootout.

Gangneung Munseong High School advanced to the final by beating Chuncheon City Sports Association U18 6-1 in the ensuing semifinals.

Gangneung Munseong High School,토토사이트 which won the championship, will compete as a provincial representative at the National Sports Festival to be held in Mokpo in October.

The Gangneung Munseong High School soccer team became the first high school soccer team in the province to win the championship at the 2011 National Sports Festival.

On the other hand, in the recently held 2023 Gangwon-do Governor Cup Elementary and Middle Soccer Championship and the 52nd National Youth Sports Festival Provincial Representative Selection Tournament, Jumunjin Middle School won the middle school division and Gangneung Onlywon FCU12 won the elementary division, respectively. did.

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