Geon-hee Kim’s family ‘Gongheung District’ Public servant involved in preferential treatment, general manager of ‘Yangpyeong-do’ after promotion

It has been revealed that a Yangpyeong-gun official who was handed over to trial for creating false official documents in relation to the ‘Yangpyeong Gongheung District Development’, in which the suspicion of preferential treatment to the first lady Kim Kun-hee’s family was raised, is also involved in the recently controversial ‘Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway’ project. It was confirmed that the official in question was in charge of the ‘Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway’ project, such as approving it when the Yangpyeong-gun Office presented a revised route plan to the land owned by the Kim family to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport. Summarizing the coverage of CBS Nocut News on the 20th메이저놀이터, the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport, which was conducting the ‘Seoul-Yangpyeong Expressway’ project, entrusted the ‘feasibility study’ service to a private company in March of last year when the preliminary feasibility study passed with the ‘Yangseo-myeon end point plan ‘

. The private company that started the service reported to the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport in May of last year, about two months later, that it would review the ‘Gangsang-myeon terminal plan’ as an alternative route. Afterwards, the Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs asked related organizations such as the Yangpyeong-gun Office in July of last year for their opinions on the review of the ‘Yangseo-myeon endpoint plan’ that passed preliminary examination. However, in the process of replying to this, the Yangpyeong-gun Office proposed a total of three routes, including a route that ends in Yangseo-myeon but adds Gangha IC (plan 1) and a plan that adds Gangha IC but puts an end point in the direction of Byeongsan-ri, Gangsang-myeon (plan 2), as in the Yeta plan. presented The end point of the second plan is the vicinity of the land owned by the first lady Kim family.

The problem is that Mr. A, director of the Urban Construction Bureau, who proposed and approved the routes, is one of the Yangpyeong-gun officials who were implicated in the Kim family’s “suspicion of preferential treatment for the development of the Gongheung District” and handed over to trial.

Looking at the indictment against Mr. A submitted by Democratic Party lawmaker Kim Eui-gyeom from the Ministry of Justice, the Yangpyeong-gun governor at the time determined the implementation period of the Gongheung district project to be two years from November 2012 and announced the development plan. As a result, the enforcement period expired in November 2014, but three people, including Mr. A, who were public officials belonging to the Urban Division at the time, were not aware of it. Then, in June 2016, when ESI&D

, the project implementer, applied for changes in the implementer, implementation period, and implementation area, they belatedly recognized the expiration date. ESI&D was founded by President Yoon’s mother-in-law, Choi Eun-soon, and is currently headed by Choi’s eldest son, Kim. Prosecutors believed that while changing important matters such as the implementation period and area of ​​enforcement as requested by ISID, they falsely prepared the document as if it were only a ‘minor change’. This is because it took a considerable amount of time to go through the normal procedure again, and it was judged that there could be illegality in the business conducted after the expiration of the enforcement period.

It is known that on July 7 of last year, Mr. A was promoted from the head of the Yangpyeong County Office to the head of the urban construction bureau. At the time, the promotion was a’one-point’ personnel appointment made six days after the inauguration of Jeon Jin-seon, the current head of Yangpyeong-gun (people’s power). Coincidentally, the first time the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport first asked the Yangpyeong-gun Office for their opinion on the expressway was on July 18, about 10 days after Mr. A was promoted, and it was July 26 when Yangpyeong-gun replied with three plans.

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