Go Jeong-woon, director of ‘Red Horse’ running with the South American trio, “Our agents didn’t even give us a lot of videos”

“Our agents didn’t even give us a lot of videos (laughs).”

Hana 1 Q K League 2 2023. Where is the club that shows the most different moves from the current expectations that have been carried out until the 9th round? It must be Gimpo FC. Gimpo FC, which was considered at the bottom, is the only ‘undefeated club’ in K League 2. They played 8 games, recorded 5 wins and 3 draws, scored 14 goals and conceded only 4 times. That’s how I marked the 2nd place in the league. It is impossible to say what kind of flow it will take in the future, but it is clear that it is the K-League 2 club that left the strongest impression at the beginning of the season.

Gimpo FC is a club with a tight budget. To put it mildly, it is a ‘poor club’. You have to think over and over again about choosing each player, and the sense of blow you get when the player you choose fails is much greater than that of other clubs. So, even before the 2023 season, there was a lot of suffering. Gimpo FC coach Go Jeong-woon had no choice but to think over and over again how to build the best squad based on the insufficient budget.

Coach Go Jeong-woon said, “I had a lot of worries about the budget I didn’t have. At first, I even thought about not using foreign players. But there are no free contracts among Korean players, and hundreds of millions of won were spent. We came to a conclusion. But again, our agents didn’t send us many videos. Because we know it’s meaningless (laughs). We only selected players based on the data sent by a really small number of agents.” did.

Of course, director Go Jeong-woon reviewed as much as possible within the limited data. Looking, looking, and looking again, I identified gemstones that would suit Gimpo FC. The foreigners who came like that are the ‘South American trio’ that Gimpo FC is proud of. Luis (Colombia), Pablo (Uruguay), and Juninho (Brazil) boast fantastic synergies. Luis is already tied for the top scorer in the K-League 2 with 5 goals (2 assists), and Juninho and Pablo are also showing off their great presence in linkage and defense. In the most recent match against FC Anyang, Pablo showed off the dignity of the Gimpo foreigner trident again with a wonderful mid-range shot. 

However, head coach Go Jeong-woon cited ‘defense’ and ‘attitude’ as their strengths rather than offense. “Everyone is looking for a big player, but I just looked for a small player. Instead, I saw players who run a lot and are fast,” said Ko Jeong-woon. It must have been the first time for foreign players. I told Juninho, Luis, and Pablo as well. “I don’t ask you to score. Run first. If you run, chances come.” .

He continued, “Unlike South American players, the kids try to accept the teaching well. The way they try to learn is great. Personally, I really liked that. The kids say thank you, saying, ‘There has never been a coach who taught me in such detail.’ He’s even nice. He also praised the attitude of foreigners who are trying to learn even one more.

In fact, the atmosphere at Gimpo FC has not been bad since field training throughout the winter. In this season’s K-League 1, Daejeon Hana Citizen, which caused a sensation, was captured 3-1. It was a meaningful result achieved as a team, not as an individual. And the results of the preseason are clearly leading to this season.토토사이트

I expected it to be okay to a certain extent, but director Ko Jeong-woon also confessed that he did not know that he would do well at ‘this level’. Now, Gimpo FC is doing that well. Of course, director Go Jeong-woon’s unique angry voice and strong reading skills are expected to continue. Head coach Go Jeong-woon, who won the match against FC Anyang, showed a strong will to enjoy the day and prepare for the match against Sangmu in Gimcheon.

Gimpo FC will face Sangmu Kim Cheon on an expedition on the 30th at 1:30 pm. Somehow, it’s a ‘six points’ game. Gimcheon Sangmu has the same number of points as Gimpo FC, but it is ranked first in terms of points. If Gimpo FC catches up to ‘ranking 0’ Kim Cheon, there will be no team that can’t win in the K-League 2. It is noteworthy what kind of play the ‘South American Trio’, which has an influence on both sides of the offense and defense by accepting the teachings of coach Go Jeong-woon, will show in the Gimcheon Sangmu match.

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