Haaland, EPL’s highest paid player? Manchester City ready for ‘extraordinary offer’

It is news that

Manchester City wants to renew the contract with Elling Haaland.

England’s ‘Daily Mail’ said, “Holland will be offered a new contract with tremendous conditions from Manchester City’s management. If Holland renews the contract, he will receive a weekly wage of 500,000 pounds (about 795 million won) and play in the English Premier League ( He will be the highest paid player in the Premier League.”

Haaland moved to Manchester City ahead of the season. And he immediately became the best striker in the EPL. Haaland, who has been scoring goals since the beginning of the season, has scored 28 goals in the league. He has already surpassed the records of Son Heung-min and Mohamed Salah, who were the top scorers last season. With 11 more matches left, attention is focusing on what record Haaland will set.

Although his performance is outstanding, questions may arise that he is preparing a contract renewal that includes a high salary for a player who is still spending his first year in the EPL. The media explained why Man City is preparing for an unconventional re-contract.

It is intended to protect Holland. The media said, “Currently, Holland’s contract period is until 2027, but Man City is trying to extend the contract by one year to keep him in the interest of Real Madrid.”

In particular, if Haaland receives a weekly wage of £500,000 as reported by the media, Haaland will become the player receiving the most weekly wages in the EPL. Haaland is already one of the highest-paid players in the league, but now he’s stepping up to the sole No. 1 spot.

‘Daily Mail’ said,메이저사이트 “Haaland is currently receiving a weekly wage of £375,000 (about 596 million won), which is the highest in the EPL along with teammate Kevin De Bruyne and Manchester United goalkeeper David de Gea. amount,” he explained.

This is the ‘basic allowance’. The media pointed out that Holland is actually receiving a weekly wage of 900,000 pounds (about 1.43 billion won), including options. If Holland receives a weekly wage of £500,000, it seems that the total weekly wage including options may be closer to £1 million (approximately 1.59 billion won).

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