Hanul Construction Bang Seong-yoon leaves injured due to muscle rupture…”I’m very sorry for the team. Efforts to return at the end of July”

“I think it will be possible to come back around the end of July at the earliest. Until then, I hope my colleagues will endure well.”

As the 2023 schedule for Korea 3×3 began, the team that stood out the most was by far Hanul Construction. Founded in 2018, Hanul Construction, which has been consistently active on the 3×3 stage, boasts of its closeness, with founding members such as Bang Seong-yoon, Ryu Gyeong-sik, Ahn Jeong-hun, and Lee Seung-bae having been together for nearly five years. 

Until last year, Hanul Construction had a strong image of the second-place team. Hanul Construction, which repeatedly sat down on the threshold of the championship and left regrets, won the first round of the KXO League and the Korea Tour Seoul tournament at the same time as the start of the 2023 season.

In particular, in the KXO League 1st round finals, Ryu Gyeong-sik led the team to two consecutive championships with an unforgettable 2-point come-from-behind shot. 

At the center of the rising trend of Hanul Construction is ‘organizational power’. Hanul Construction, which has been together for nearly five years with the eldest brother Bang Seong-yoon at the center, continued team training last winter while other teams were taking a break, and as a result, succeeded in creating a sensation at the beginning of this season. 

In particular, Hanul Construction, which had an absolute advantage by winning 3 times in 4 confrontations against Haneulinje, Haneulreninje, Hansol Remicon, Hongcheon Epin, etc. succeeded in converting 

But did you say hosadama? The seemingly endless rise of Hanul Construction came to a halt. Bang Seong-yoon, the main player, suffered a muscle tear injury during the game and left the team. 

During the last Korea Tour Inje Tournament, Bang Seong-yoon, who was blocking an opponent’s attack, suffered injuries to his shoulder and chest due to a shock with an opponent, and as a result of a medical examination, he was diagnosed with a muscle tear. Bang Seong-yoon, who suffered a bigger injury than expected, is said to have difficulty returning at least until the end of July. 

Bang Seong-yoon, who showed off his peak skills by ranking first in scoring and 2-point shooting in the first round of the KXO League, so the unexpected departure from an injury is inevitably more painful. 

Bang Seong-yoon, who was interviewed during a hospital checkup, said, “I was injured unexpectedly in a contact situation while fouling to prevent the opponent from scoring. I was diagnosed with a muscle tear.” I have to go on, but I feel very sorry. 

Hanul Construction, which has to start the second round of the KXO League, which will be held on the 10th, recruited Jung Heung-joo, who is not elected but has good shooting skills, as a substitute player to replace Seong-yoon Bang. Jung Heung-joo also has decent skills, but it is not easy to fill 100% of Bang Seong-yoon’s vacancy. 안전놀이터

Bang Seong-yoon, who felt even more regretful because the original team was in a good mood with two consecutive victories this season, said, “After the news of the injury, the excitement of winning the championship was gone, and depression spread throughout the team (laughs). So, more to the teammates I’m sorry,” he said, “I think I can come back around the end of July at the earliest at the moment. 

After playing in the same team for a long time, Hanul Construction said that the family-like atmosphere became the team’s greatest strength. Bang Seong-yoon also said that the word ‘family’ is the word that best represents Hanul Construction, and said, “CEO Soo-Young Kim is very supportive. As a result, the players have no choice but to go to the game in a good mood. When this started, we spend more than half a year together in a family-like atmosphere, as if it was like when it started. It seems that a more affectionate atmosphere has been formed because the team members do not change much like other teams, “he explained the stickiness of Hanul Construction. 

It has already been five years since Bang Seong-yoon set foot on the 3×3 stage. Even in the beginning, ‘how much will I do? Bang Seong-yoon had to fight the prejudice of ‘I will do it or not’. 

“I was always apologetic to the fans because I unexpectedly retired early. So I thought of doing my best in everything I could do, and around that time I met 3×3. The regret and disappointment I had with 3×3 I wanted to alleviate it a little bit. Now that I’m older, I don’t know how much more I can do 3×3, but I’m going to do my best in every game as long as the conditions allow. The team’s performance this year was really good, but I’m very sorry that I missed it due to an injury. I am telling my teammates, ‘Please hold on a little longer.’ As the atmosphere was good this year, I want to come back quickly and have fun on the court with my teammates once again.”

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