“He is 190cm tall and has a high soccer intelligence, so he doesn’t lose the ball.”

It broke the prejudice that if you are tall, your feet are not good and dull. This is the story of Lee Yeong-joon, who led Korea to the quarterfinals by participating in all four matches in the 2023 FIFA U-20 (Under 20) World Cup in Argentina.

Lee Young-joon played an important role in Korea’s 3-2 victory by scoring the opening goal in the round of 16 match against Ecuador held at Santiago del Estero Stadium on the 2nd (Korean time).

Lee Yeongjun, who started as a forward striker, shook Ecuador’s net in the 11th minute of the first half. After the match, it was such a wonderful goal that reports flooded in that people remembered the goal Park Ji-sung scored in the 2002 Korea-Japan World Cup group stage match against Portugal, the third round of the group stage. After that, it stood out several times. Having digested his full time, he showed off a flexible body movement that made it hard to believe that he was 190 cm tall.

Shinpyeong High School football coach Yu Yang-joon, who coached Lee Yeong-joon in high school, said, “Lee Young-joon is 190 cm tall, but he kicks the ball as smartly as 160 cm.” He is the best striker.”

Regarding Lee Young-joon’s opening goal and performance on the day, coach Yoo said, “It’s a scene where you can see how good his basic skills and goal-making ability are at once.” did.토토사이트

The first time director Yoo took notice of Lee Yeong-joon was when he was in the third year of middle school. However, as Lee Young-joon went to Eonnam High School, he could not make a relationship with the teacher. A year later, the soccer club at Eonnam High School was disbanded, and Lee Young-joon, as fate would have it, wore the uniform of Shinpyeong High School. Director Yoo said, “I decided that the growth potential was great because he was tall at 190 cm and had a high soccer intelligence, so I contacted him directly when I heard that the soccer team was disbanding at Eonnam High School.” If I accumulate a little more experience, I will rise to the ranks of strikers representing Korea.”

He also left a message of support for the quarterfinal match against Nigeria. Coach Yoo said, “As we poured everything out on the pitch from the group stage 3 matches to the round of 16, recovery of physical strength is the key.” said.

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