He looked like an old man in his 80s… Woods under the ‘Curse of 3’

The Augusta Chronicle, a local magazine in Augusta, Georgia, USA, where the Masters is held, reported, “The Masters has a ‘curse of three’ that causes bad weather in years ending in 3.” There were many accidents in 2023 as well. On the second day, strong winds uprooted three trees. On the third day, heavy rain was entangled in the north wind. When I was out on the course, my hands were fine even though I had it in my pocket. The players said, “It was like playing a survival game.”

Woods also didn’t do well at the Masters in a year ending with a 3. He was an overwhelming favorite at the 2003 Masters. On a sports betting site, if you bet on Woods, the winner of the 2001 and 2002 Masters, you will pay slightly more than your original amount.

But Woods was sluggish. On the first day he shot a 76, and on the second day he shot a 73 and barely passed the cut. In the third round, Woods hit 6 under par and chased the lead by 4 strokes, shouting, “I can win,” but slipped by hitting 75 in the final round.

In 2013, he suffered a lasting humiliation in golf history. Woods was tied for the lead late in the third round. His third shot on the par-5 15th hole fell into the pond. After dropping, Woods finished by putting his fifth shot next to the pin. However, he made a bigger drop mistake than dropping the ball into the water. Woods signed the score without penalty strokes. Under the rules at the time, it was a clear disqualification. However, the Masters only imposed a two-stroke penalty.

In the golf world, there was also a story telling Woods to “withdraw voluntarily rather than play in disgrace”, but Woods just played the game and ultimately did not win. This incident became the so-called ‘drop gate’ in which Augusta National cleared up the golf emperor’s disqualification and Woods accepted it. If the sex scandal was Woods’ biggest shame off the course, the drop gate was the biggest blemish on the course.

Even at the 2023 Masters, Woods suffered. He had iron rods in his legs after a car accident, making walking difficult. Walking on the slippery, slippery, wet slopes of Augusta was harder on my sore legs. Woods narrowly made the cut with a 3-over par tied for 49th in the rain, but lost 6 strokes in 7 holes in bad weather in the 3rd round.

In the second half of the game, it looked like an old man in his 80s walking. He looked more gloomy in black and gray in the dark clouds and rain. Woods was last among players who made the cut on seven holes until the game was suspended due to bad weather. And the next morning he withdrew when the game was restarted.

But when one door closes, another opens.안전놀이터 The young Korean players who competed this year received a great gift. Kim Joo-hyung said, “It was an honor to play with Woods, and I learned a lot just by watching him take any shot from any position.”

Lim Seong-jae, who was Woods’ third-round companion, said, “I focused on hitting to leave a good impression on Woods. I couldn’t talk to him much because his leg seemed to be sore, but just seeing Woods made me happy.”

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