High school senior who struggled with cancer while traveling between Jeju and Seoul, went to Seoul National University only with EBS

‘Dream scholarship students’ who went to college without private education

Lee Hyeon-woo (19), who entered the history department at Seoul National University this year, was diagnosed with the 4th stage of Lee Ha-seon cancer in January last year when he was a senior in high school. In 2021, after his brother had leukemia, cancer was found in a test he received because he was ‘just in case’. The hospital side said, “There is a 70% or more chance that you will not be able to use your facial muscles even after surgery.” Mr. Lee said, “I also left a happy expression, a sad expression, and a surprised expression with the camera,” and “I don’t know what kind of face I will have in the future.” The operation went well, but the aftereffects of the radiation treatment were great. He had nosebleeds all the time, and pain followed even메이저놀이터 when he swallowed rice because his skin was weak. Instead of taking a leave of absence from Jeju Jeil High School, Lee went back and forth between Seoul National University Hospital and Jeju Island while preparing for the SAT and GPA using EBS textbooks. Having taken EBS lectures since his first year of high school, he said, “ The EBS textbooks cover the basic concepts most faithfully among the reference books .” I studied 13 hours a day. He graduated first in liberal arts and the whole school. Ms. Lee said, “After undergoing surgery and lying in the hospital for a long time, it became clear to me that there are many patients who are struggling,” and “I want to become a historian who even records the stories of sad people.”

Lee received the Excellence Award at the ‘ EBS Dream Scholarship Award Ceremony’ held at the EBS headquarters in Ilsan, Gyeonggi-do on the 28th. EBS and the Ministry of Education have been selecting scholarship students since 2011, and this year they provided 33 million won to 10 students. Scholarship students serve as ‘ EBS mentors’ to help students across the country in difficult circumstances. Lee said in an interview that day that she was “the driving force that helped her parents and homeroom teacher overcome difficulties.” It is said that when she was anxious due to the aftereffects of radiation treatment, her homeroom teacher listened to Lee’s concerns every day and encouraged her to take control of her mind by walking on the playground together during the night self-study time. Her father, a high school teacher, and her mother, a daycare teacher, took a leave of absence last year to take care of Lee and her younger brother, who had leukemia. Lee “gave her strength by seeing her brother being treated with courage,” she said. Fortunately, her health improved enough that she stopped her radiation treatment starting this year. She has also started scuba diving club activities and plans to apply for the school cheerleading team in the second semester. She said she wanted to go abroad as an exchange student too. “When I acknowledged my (difficult) situation, I felt relieved, and it gave me the strength to move on,” Lee said. Yoon Joo-young (19), who entered the German language education department at Seoul National University, also attended EBS.

became a scholarship student. Born in Gochang-gun, Jeollabuk-do, he graduated from an elementary and middle school with less than 50 students. He chose Gunsan Jeonbuk Foreign Language High School instead of the opportunity of ‘rural village entrance exam’ because he wanted to be stimulated by studying with more friends. At first, he was stunned when he saw his friends around him who used academies, tutoring, and paid online lectures as a basis. However, Yoon steadily prepared for the college entrance exam by studying only through EBS lectures and school classes throughout the three years. Didn’t go to school. Every weekend he leaves the school dormitory and even during the 3 hours he goes home, he leaves a question on the EBS lecture board. Mr. Yoon said, “I want to let my juniors know that only EBS and public education can produce good results.”

This year’s top prize went to Kwak Soo-hyeon (19), who entered the Department of Consumer Science at Ewha Womans University. Mr. Kwak became a basic livelihood recipient two years ago after his father collapsed from a myocardial infarction. At first, he thought about dropping out of school and earning money. However, Mr. Kwak said, “I didn’t think my parents would be happy with the money.” Afterwards, Mr. Kwak studied at school six days a week, and during self-study time, he prepared for the entrance exam by rereading EBS textbooks up to 10 times. He downloaded the EBS textbook as a PDF file and reviewed what he learned in his free time, and he said he did not solve private problem books as well as the academy.It was passed through EBS and self-study. Now, he works part-time at a fast food restaurant to earn a living. Mr. Kwak said, “I want to achieve my dream of becoming an accountant.”

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