Hyundai E&C beats Ginseng Corporation and wins 5 consecutive wins… Hwang Yeon-joo 20 points pearl pearl 

Reporter Kim Gyeong-yoon Hwang Gyu-bin = Professional volleyball women’s No. 1 Hyundai E&C struggled against the formidable enemy KGC Ginseng Corporation and ran for 5 consecutive wins.

Hyundai E&C defeated KGC Ginseng Corporation with a set score of 3-1 (23-25 ​​25-23 25-21 25-16) in the Dodram 2022-2023 V-League Women’s home game held at Suwon Gymnasium in Gyeonggi-do on the 14th.

Hyundai E&C continued its solo system by beating 2nd place Heungkuk Life Insurance by 8 points, and 5th place KGC Ginseng Corporation fell into a swamp of 4 consecutive losses.

At the beginning of the game, Hyundai E&C struggled with the height of Ginseng Corporation, with tall middle blocker Jeong Ho-young (190 cm) and foreign player Elisabeth Ine Barga (192 cm, registered name Elisabeth) at the fore.

KGC Ginseng Corporation’s central defense was solid enough that the first set attack success rate of the leading middle blocker Yang Hyo-jin was only 22.22%.

Hyundai E&C trailed 17-21, but took advantage of consecutive mistakes by the opposing team to tie the score at 23-23, but failed to block Elisabeth’s back attack and gave up the first set.

Hyundai E&C changed its strategy in the second set and focused on flanking attacks. Veteran strikers Hwang Yeon-joo and Jeong Ji-yoon accumulated points with surprise attacks.

In particular, Hwang Yeon-joo’s performance was outstanding. He calmly succeeded in parrying at 24-23 and tied the set score at 1-1.

Hyundai E&C, who found the flow, continued the atmosphere with three consecutive goals at the beginning of the third set, leading the set score 2-1.

Hyundai E&C ended the match in the 4th set. In 14-13, Hwang Yeon-joo scored like gold with a sharp steel spike, and at the end of the rally, Elisabeth’s attack went off the court and the balance was broken. 슬롯사이트

Hyundai E&C’s concentration was scary. In 16-14, Yang Hyo-jin’s quick attack, Hwang Yeon-joo’s open attack, and Da-hyun’s blocking allowed him to score 5 consecutive points, shaking off Ginseng Corporation’s will to pursue.

Hwang Yeon-ju led the team to victory by adding 3 blockings and scoring 20 points, the team’s most. Yang Hyo-jin (19 points), Jeong Ji-yoon (11 points), and Lee Da-hyun (10 points) also played an active role.

In the men’s match held at Jangchung Gymnasium in Seoul, 4th place Woori Card overcame the bad news of the novel coronavirus infection (Corona 19) and thrilled 3-2 to 1st place Korean Air (22-25 26-24 25-22 22-25 21-19) won a come-from-behind

Woori Card (32 points, 12 wins, 9 losses), which added 2 points, chased the 3rd place OK Financial Group (33 points, 11 wins, 10 losses) to the bottom of the chin.

It was all the more valuable because it was a victory against the league leader in adverse conditions where head coach Shin Young-cheol, middle blocker Lee Sang-hyun, and backup setter Han Tae-jun left due to a confirmed Corona 19.

The total number of spectators who visited Jangchung Gymnasium that day was 3,217, which was the highest number of spectators for a men’s game this season.

Woori Card ended the game with Na Gyeong-bok’s back attack and Park Jun-hyeok’s open attack after six deuce battles in the 5th set, which was the match.

Na Kyung-bok was responsible for 23 points while enduring chronic left shoulder pain.

Korean Air’s Lincoln Williams (registered name Lincoln) scored his all-time high score (44 points), including the league’s most serve aces this season, but the light faded.

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