“I agreed to have sex”… App came out to leave a ‘record’ with QR

In Japan, an amendment to the Criminal Code has been passed to change the name of the crime of rape to ‘the crime of non-consensual sexual intercourse’ and expand the scope of application of sex crimes. Sexual intercourse without consent is punishable by imprisonment for 5 years or more according to Article 177 of the Japanese Penal Code.

In Japan, which is lukewarm about sex crimes, the law revision was made in 2019 by four acquittals of sexual assault. At the time, the Nagoya District Court acquitted the father of sexually assaulting her daughter, saying, “The victim was not in a state that was remarkably irresistible,” and protests demanding revision of the law followed.

In cases where it is difficult for the victim to express his/her intention to disagree, such as assault or intimidation, when consciousness is not clear due to alcohol or drug consumption, sleep, etc., when the victim has been abused for a long time, or when it is impossible to refuse due to social or economic status Applies when placed.

Considering the nature of sex crimes that make it difficult to sue immediately메이저놀이터 after being victimized, the statute of limitations has also been extended by five more years than before, and the statute of limitations does not apply until you turn 18. The age at which consent for sexual activity can be judged has also been raised from the current ’13 years of age or older’ to ’16 years of age or older’.

Launched ‘Sex Consent’ History Recording App

In Japan, a sex consent app called ‘Kiroku’ (record) was developed. After downloading the app on your smartphone, check the contents of the sexual consent form and press ‘agree’ to share it with the other person by QR code. The content shared with each other is automatically saved in the app and remains as a record.

The developer advertised, “You can solve the inconvenience of having to write your name on a piece of paper and seal it to fill out a sexual consent form.”

However, ahead of the release, there were concerns that ‘a record of forcibly consenting to sexual activity could be left’. Accordingly, the developer delayed the release date from the 25th of this month to the end of this year, saying that it would strengthen security functions and add a function that can be rescued in case of forced consent.

Japanese people’s reactions vary. There was a positive response, saying, “I think we can have sex without worrying about each other,” and voices of concern, saying, “It could be dangerous if you press consent under duress.”

Sexual consent must be actively agreed upon according to the right to sexual self-determination. Confirming the other person’s intention and obtaining permission through persuasion, or non-explicit consent based on atmosphere, feeling, customs, etc., cannot be interpreted as sexual consent.

According to the guidelines of the Korea Sexual Violence Relief Center, active consent must meet the principles of ‘explicitly, consciously, based on sufficient information and understanding, always and equally in all processes’.

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