I bought a BB gun for ‘hundreds of thousands of won’… Hundreds of people clamor for ‘eating and running’

There is a BB gun that

adults, mainly club members, use for survival games . It is popular and costs hundreds of thousands of won, but a representative of a famous company took money from hundreds of people and disappeared. Upon investigation, it was confirmed that CEO Lee was arrested in another investment fraud case. This is reporter Kim Woo-jun’s exclusive report. [Reporter] It is an ‘Airsoft Gun’, a BB gun for adults that is similar to a real gun. Lee Taek-hwan purchased the product for 600,000 won from a famous seller in March. The price is about 30% cheaper than other places, but I was suspicious because he asked for an advance payment, but I received delivery in about a month without any problems and immediately ordered another 900,000 won. But this time, he hasn’t received the product for over three months since he deposited it. [Soundbite]메이저놀이터 Lee Taek-hwan / Buyer of ‘Airsoft Gun’ : “At first, I was very angry. Expectations were high, so I think the disappointment was even greater. ” I said I couldn’t. The company delayed delivery for more than two months, citing ‘customs clearance problems’. [Company representative/Voice modulation: “There was a problem with the circuit, so there was a delay overseas.”] But yesterday (11th),

The company cut off the customer center phone like this…

[“The power is off…”]

The offline store door was also firmly closed.

[Soundbite Merchant/Voice Modified: “Because I don’t see many people. (Employees?) Yes, yes. It’s been several months. (Can’t you see?) Yes, yes.”] As a result of inquiries about the whereabouts of the seller’s representative, Mr. Jeong, he has already been arrested

. done state.

He was arrested last month for setting up a fake investment company and stealing tens of billions of won in investments.

The problem is that the money received for the purchase of the BB gun may have flowed into investment fraud funds.

The police are also checking the flow of funds in this regard.

There are only 200 confirmed victims who have not received the product even after depositing money.

The damage is estimated at over 300 million won.

This is KBS News Kim Woo-jun.

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