I can hear Arsenal fans singing…“Man City 1st place – Man United 2nd place expected”

Reporter Ban Jin-hyeok = The Manchester brothers take 1st and 2nd place?

The 2022/23 season English Premier League (EPL) competition is in full swing. Arsenal lead in a situation close to half.

Arsenal have only lost one game this season. He won the opponent he had to catch, and he is cruising while taking care of the results in the big match. 온라인카지노

Arsenal are burning their will to reach the top of the league, which they haven’t climbed since the 2003/04 season.

There are also pleasant jinxes. I believe in the energy that the team in the lead on Christmas in the last nine seasons has won six championships.

However, is it because the feeling that a person who has eaten meat knows the taste is strong? The gaze towards Arsenal is not good.

Gary Neville, a Manchester United legend and football commentator, predicted the EPL for the 2022/23 season through ‘Sky Sports’.

“It’s better for Arsenal to win than Manchester City,” said Neville. It will be really sensational in the EPL,” he said.

However, “Arsenal will not win. Manchester City will rise to the top. Manchester United will take second place. I know very well that it will be annoying to Arsenal fans.”

“Can Arsenal continue to be as good as they are now? A crisis will come.”

Neville did not forget to mention his home team, but he said coolly, “Of course, I would like Manchester United to win the title, but I don’t think that will happen this season.”

Finally, “I hope Arsenal win. However, the reality is that Manchester City will take first place,” he emphasized his opinion.

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