“I can’t find people with a starting salary of 100 million”… In the end, Hyundai Motor Company brought out ‘extraordinary benefits’

Hyundai Motor Company will invite about 100 talented PhD students from major universities in North America and Europe to Korea for four days from the 7th. Round-trip air tickets as well as 5-star hotel accommodations for 4 days and 3 nights are all supported. It is a global recruitment event that introduces major businesses such as eco-friendly vehicles and smart factories at the company’s core bases, including the Namyang R&D Center. This year, we put a lot of effort into extending the event by one day more than last year. It is a strategy to preemptively purchase key talents for future cars.

Global electric vehicle and battery makers are fighting a war to secure manpower. This is because there is a shortage of manpower compared to the explosive growth of the electric vehicle industry. Each company is eager to recruit talented people with unconventional carrot plans such as discounts on new cars, starting salaries of 100 million won, and student loans for contract workers.

○Electric vehicle and battery industry competition for North American manpowerAccording to the industry on the 2nd, the place where the fiercest competition for manpower takes place is the United States. This is because local production plants are being built one after another in accordance with the implementation of the Inflation Reduction Act ( IRA ). Hyundai Motor Company is hiring메이저놀이터 local employees to work at ‘Metaplant America ( HMGMA )’, a new electric vehicle plant that is being built in Georgia, USA, with the goal of mass production in the second half of next year. It is said that they prepared unconventional treatment with the state of Georgia. The plant in Alabama, which held a maintenance job fair earlier, offered discounts on new cars such as the Genesis, an hourly wage of around $30, and health insurance as conditions for employment. It is known that the hourly wage is about 50% higher than that of other factories where the hourly wage is around 20 dollars.

The ‘ransom price’ of electric car and battery talent is soaring to the ceiling. According to the Volta Foundation, an American non-profit organization, the starting salary of a local battery engineer is $100,000 (about 130 million won), and the annual salary of a middle manager is close to $200,000. Still, finding people is not easy. Tesla, the No. 1 electric car company, is also said to be struggling with battery manpower supply.

Powerco, the battery subsidiary of the Volkswagen Group, is taking an average of 200 interviews per month to hire up to 20,000 people by 2030. He offered a salary of over 9,000 euros (12.84 million won) for a 35-hour work week.

It’s not just about paying more. BMWof factories in South Carolina, USA, provide student loans to contract workers to secure manpower. The state of Michigan has recently established an ‘electric vehicle scholarship system’ for companies that have built factories in the region, and decided to provide scholarships to excellent students in related majors on the condition that they join one of the companies participating in the program.

○Even high school teachers “Please send students”The war to secure talent has spread to elementary schools. Germany’s ZF Group is providing its robots to elementary school students to foster curiosity about future car technology as well as the company. In the summer, high school teachers are invited to the factory to introduce the company. It is a request to ‘send a smart disciple to our company’.

The domestic battery industry, which has established a production base in North America, is also speeding up local recruitment. LG Energy Solutions, which is operating or constructing eight factories in the United States, frequently holds recruitment events throughout the United States and Canada. It is basic for the executives , such as the chief technology officer ( CTO ) and chief personnel officer ( CHO ), to fly to the local area and have dinner with talented master’s and doctoral students to appeal. For the convenience of job seekers, SK On’s US subsidiary also devised a different type of recruitment briefing called ‘drive-thru’.

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