“I can’t move in” ‘Iron bar’ attached to the front door of the new apartment… what the hell

In a redevelopment apartment in Busan, a conflict arose over the issue of sharing additional construction costs, and the construction company sealed the front door of the union members with an iron bar.

According to the Busan real estate industry on the 3rd, IS Dongseo started to exercise lien rights on union member households regarding the issue of additional construction cost sharing for ‘Ocean Life Aileen’s Garden’ in Dongsam-dong, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, which recently completed construction and started moving in.

To prevent the move-in of 224 households owned by union members, they implemented blockade measures such as installing two iron bars up and down in front of the front door.

The apartment consists of a total of 10 buildings and 1228 households메이저놀이터, and the construction company blocked the front doors of 224 households owned by union members.

IS Dongseo and the union are showing differences in position over who will share the additional construction cost of 17 billion won.

The construction company is demanding that the union executive be replaced, saying that there is no room for negotiations with the union executive.

IS Dongseo said, “The official position is that we are exercising a lien to secure a bond for the additional construction cost agreed with the union members.”

On the other hand, union members are protesting that the construction company’s measures to block the front door are excessive.

An official from the association said, “Since it is a redevelopment project in Yeongdo-gu with a large elderly population, there are many elderly people in their 60s and 70s among the members, and they are driving the elderly to the streets.” He will have to take responsibility.” The association said that it would fight the unfairness of the additional construction cost in the future, and that it plans to fight in front of the East and West buildings along

with legal action .

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