“I can’t sell my wife’s company stock”… Prime Minister’s Chief of Staff files administrative lawsuit

Prime Minister Park Sung-geun’s chief of staff filed an administrative lawsuit, claiming that the government’s decision to place billions of won worth of company stocks in a blind trust for his spouse was unfair.

Director Park said in a phone call with Yonhap News on the 3rd, “We filed a lawsuit with the Seoul Administrative Court at the end of last month claiming that the Stock Trust Review Committee’s disposition of the blank trust was unfair,” and “the application for suspension of execution was accepted, so the blank trust was put on hold.” He said.

Director Park previously filed an administrative appeal with the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission’s Central Administrative Appeals Commission (Central Administrative Appeals Commission) in February to appeal the disposition of the spouse’s stocks into a blind trust, but the request was dismissed.

Accordingly, they started a lawsuit saying they would seek the court’s decision again.

The Central Public Administration Commission determined that there was a possibility that Director Park would seek personal gain by using the information obtained from his position as Chief of Staff.

However, Director Park argues that due to his position in the Prime Minister’s Secretariat, he is solely responsible for secretarial work, and that asking him to dispose of the company stocks of his spouse메이저놀이터, who is the majority shareholder of the company, based on abstract risks is an infringing disposition on his personal property.

Director Park’s spouse is the eldest daughter of Lee Bong-gwan, founder and chairman of Seohee Construction. She is now an internal director of the company and is hoping to take the reins over her two younger brothers.

According to regular asset disclosure data for high-ranking public officials in March of this year, Director Park’s spouse owns a total of 6.49 billion won worth of stock and bond assets, including shares in Seohee Construction (1.872 million shares) and Seohee Construction affiliate Yuseong TNS (1.264 million shares). held.

Director Park’s spouse sold Samsung Electronics (1,057 shares) and Naver (100 shares), which he held for investment purposes, but is of the position that it is unfair to liquidate company stocks as well.

In December last year, the Stock Trust Review Committee under the Ministry of Personnel Management and Innovation requested that Director Park dispose of all domestic stocks held by him, his spouse, and children.

Previously, Yoo Byeong-ho, Secretary General of the Board of Audit and Inspection, also filed an administrative lawsuit against the request of the Stock Trust Review Committee to blind trust the stocks worth 820 million won received by his spouse while working at a bio company, and the trial is currently in progress.

On the other hand, Kim So-young, Vice Chairman of the Financial Services Commission, placed 20.9 billion won worth of stocks in a blind trust, equivalent to a 29% stake in the shipping company JoongAng Merchant Marine. JoongAng Merchant Marine is a family company run by Vice Chairman Kim’s father and older brother.

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