I know the expectations for me” Baldivia, the new ‘key man’ of Jeonnam

After a bitter year in the 2022 season, the Jeonnam Dragons are seeking a reversal in order to reverse the Lee Minister’s managerial system. Among them, if there is a part that I put the most effort into, it would be the foreign players. Since foreign players did not perform well last year due to various reasons such as injury or slump, in reality, the pain of having to build a team centered on domestic players must be erased to improve performance.

Valdivia, who was recruited for the 2023 토토사이트 season, is a’key point’ that will affect Jeonnam’s performance in the upcoming season. Valdivia, an attacking midfielder in the center of the second line, must create many chances through sharp technique and creative attack play to increase the chances of winning the game. Jeonnam officials say that the level of ball touch is completely different. As a player who has spent most of his career in Brazil, the adjustment phase is essential, but once he starts to show his skills, he is trusted to be of great help to the team.

Valdivia is well aware of how high the expectations are for her when she met <Best Eleven>. After saying, “I’ve been on the team for about 10 days,” Valdivia said, “I was a little worried, but I was grateful that everyone welcomed me after coming to the team. The players are also helping me during training. However, my English skills are improving.” It’s a pity that I lack this much. I also started studying English to communicate with my colleagues,” he explained about his current situation after joining the team.

“In Brazil, I’ve played in big teams as well as small teams,” he said. I want to do my best to achieve it. Even though the training is a bit different from Brazil, I will really do my best regardless of that. I know that the first official match is about 20 days away, but in the meantime, I want to become one with the team even more.” indicated

It may be a burdensome question since I have just stepped on Korean soil, but I still have questions to ask. Jeonnam had the worst performance since its founding last year. They said that this year’s winter training was conducted with the mindset that it should be different, and Valdivia’s contribution was very important in the process of producing results. It was mentioned that from the beginning, you can be weighed down by the tremendous burden of having to show something.

Still, Valdivia is full of confidence. Valdivia said, “I am clearly aware that Jeonnam was not good last year, so the team expects a lot from me.” I was there,” he said, looking back at the past.

He continued, “I am watching from the side that coach Lee, the coaching staff, and colleagues are preparing for the new season by enduring high-intensity training every day. I will do my best as well. As much as the members are feeling, it feels like the whole team is becoming one. If we come together well like this and go through the season, there will be good results,” he showed confidence.

And when the season begins, there is something I really want to ask the fans. Valdivia said, “It is important for me to score and help a lot, but the support of the fans is more important than that. Of course, I will do my best to score and assist a lot. I want to accumulate points. I will work on the upcoming season with that mindset.” Although the atmosphere in Korea is still awkward and unfamiliar, Valdivia is looking forward to the 2023 season, a stage where he will show his talent and lead his team to a high place.

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