I screamed and broke the opposing team’s concentration”… Chicago Bulls best player is a 9-year-old girl

The Raptors, the daughter of the NBA Chicago Bulls The Rojeon, screamed when throwing 36 free throws and lowered the shooting success rate to 50% . The Bulls, thanks to that, won 109 to 105 . Player of the Game) uploaded a picture. The face in the photo was not a player, but a young girl. It was Dyer (9), the daughter of the Bulls’ main guard Derma Therojeon (34).

Here’s the story. The Bulls won 109-105 in the play-in tournament away game against the Toronto Raptors in a single game that day. Jack Rubin (28) scored 39 points and Derma The Lawjeon scored 23 points to win in the enemy area. The Bulls were the 10th seed and the Raptors were the 9th seed.

The Raptors’ major loss was a free throw that only went in 18 times out of 36 throws, with a 50% success rate. The free throw success rate for the team season fell far short of 78.4%. It was more fatal because it was a 4-point game that could have been overturned with just 5 more free throws. In particular, the Raptors bowed their heads, missing all two free throws that could have been tied if Pascal Siakam (29) put them all in with 12 seconds left in the fourth quarter.

On this day, sharp and loud screams rang out from the stands every time a Raptors player on the free throw line fired a shot. Raptors players looked around at the unfamiliar sound, which eventually resulted in an inaccurate free throw. The main character of the scream is Derma’s daughter Dire Therozen. She screamed until her throat was hoarse as she wanted her father to win. Her dad high-fived his daughter after his victory.

Siakam dismissed it, saying, “It has nothing to do with (Dyer’s screaming) that he failed to make a free throw,” but many people thought differently. USA Today, an American media outlet, said, “The Bulls produced a candidate for ‘Sixth Man of the Year (an award given to the best bench player).” “The Bulls have to negotiate a salary with Dyer,” said ESPN announcer Mark Jones with a laugh. The Bulls team selected a 9-year-old girl who became the top star of the day as the best player of the game with the phrase ’36 Screams’.

Derma and Dyer The Rojeon are famous in the NBA as the lovely father and daughter. Before Dyer went to school, she cheered on her dad from her bench every game. At a press conference for a playoff game in 2017,토토사이트 Dyer made headlines by saying “I love my dad” to every question she came to her Derma.

It was an opportunity for Gyeonggi-do Dyer to watch the game after begging his father. Derma The Rojeon made his NBA debut with the Raptors in 2009 and played for 9 years. Toronto, where the game was held, was like a hometown for Dyer, where he was born and grew up until the age of five. Dyer was allowed to miss a day of school due to courtship mixed with aegyo, and played a role in an important game by making a ‘big hit’.

After the game, The Lawjeon said, “Every time the Raptors missed a free throw, there was a strange sound. He once looked at the stands instead of the goalposts, and his daughter was making a strange noise. ‘Dang, was that my daughter?’ I thought. I will give you some money,” he laughed.

The Bulls will play one more game with the Miami Heat on the 15th for the 8th seed in the Eastern Conference playoffs. Attention was drawn to whether Dyer would also come to the next game, but the Lojeon replied sternly, “Her daughter has to go to school that day.”

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