“I took the picture wearing clothes”… Court orders Ka Se-yeon, who claimed ‘Go Min-jeong nude photos’, to compensate 10 million won

YouTube channel Garosero Research Institute (Ga Se-yeon)메이저놀이터, which broadcast a photo of Minjoo Party of Korea lawmaker Go Min-jung at an exhibition, claiming it was a ‘nude photo’, was ordered to pay 10 million won in compensation.

On the 13th, Seoul Central District Court Civil Settlement Division 14 (Chief Judge Seo Bo-min) ruled in a lawsuit claiming damages filed by Rep. Koh against representatives Ka Se-yeon and Kim Se-eui, and actor Kang Gyu-hyeong, “Jointly pay Rep. Go 10 million won and delay damages.” “Do it,” he ruled.

The photo was part of artist Ko Sang-woo’s exhibition ‘A World Filled with Love, Not Material Things’ in 2009, and shows Rep. Ko, who was a KBS announcer at the time, and his husband, poet Jo Ki-young, together.

This work was exhibited at ‘Gallery Sun Contemporary’ in Jongno, Seoul from February 6th to 28th of the same year.

Ka Se-yeon called this photo a nude photo on a broadcast in December 2021, and was sued by Rep. Ko in June of the following year.

After Ga Se-yeon was broadcast, the late writer refuted in a media interview, saying, “I was filmed wearing all the clothes at the time.”

Rep. Koh applied for provisional seizure of 100 million won against Ka Se-yeon in May of last year, and the court upheld this request.

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