“I tried artificial insemination eight times”… British panda goes to China after not giving birth for 12 years

A pair of giant pandas from a zoo in Scotland, England, are returning안전놀이터 to China. This is a measure taken by the British government following the termination of the lease.

Edinburgh Zoo announced on the 4th (local time) that it plans to return a male and female giant panda pair to China in early December this year after 12 years.

The female giant pandas ‘Tian Tian’ and male ‘Yang Guang’, who came to the UK in 2011, were scheduled to return in 2021 with a 10-year lease period, but stayed for two more years due to COVID-19.

The BBC reported that the zoo paid 750,000 pounds (1.25 billion won) annually to China for panda rent.

“Through our scientific research with the University of Edinburgh, we have made a significant contribution to the understanding of giant pandas, which will substantially benefit panda conservation efforts in China,” the zoo said.

The zoo also added, “New species entering the giant panda habitat at Edinburgh Zoo will be announced next year.”

The BBC , however, said that Edinburgh Zoo and Chinese veterinarians attempted artificial insemination eight times until 2021, but all failed, resulting in no cubs from the two pandas.

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