I’m freaking out again… ‘Treble challenge → irrelevant crisis’ Tuhell destroys ‘slalom pole’ during training

Bayern Munich coach Thomas Tuchel has expressed his anger by breaking a ‘slalom pole’ during training.

Munich is staggering after the appointment of coach Tuchel. Munich sacked coach Julian Nagelsmann on the 25th of last month (hereafter Korean time) and installed coach Tuchel in his place. The reason was that coach Nagelsmann fell to second place in the league after losing to Bayer 04 Leverkusen.

The start was good. In his debut match against Borussia Dortmund in ‘Der Klassiker’, Tuchel defeated the opponent 4-2 and recaptured the top spot in the league. He said, “I will play for all trophies,” and it seemed that his confidence in the treble was coming true.

But that was all. In the quarterfinals of the DFB-Pokal that followed, Munich lost 1-2 to Freiburg. Coach Tuchel had to give up his treble dream 11 days after taking office.

They were also eliminated from the UEFA Champions League (UCL). Munich met Manchester City in the UCL quarterfinals and collapsed 1-4 on aggregate in the first and second legs. It was an inexcusable defeat, not only losing 0-3 on the road but also not winning 1-1 at home.

He also fell back to second place in the league. Munich lost 1-3 despite scoring the opening goal in the 29th round against Mainz on the 22nd. In the same round, Dortmund thrashed Frankfurt 4-0, giving Munich the lead with five games to go.

It seems to end in complete failure. Munich was on the verge of ending the season without an official in 11 years. It is even more disappointing considering that coach Nagelsmann won all 8 games in the UCL. According to Germany’s ‘Bild’, it is known that after the loss against Mainz, Munich discussed whether coach Tuchel would move on.안전놀이터

News was delivered that would further exacerbate the atmosphere of the club. Germany’s ‘Bild’ reported on the 28th that coach Tuchel broke a slalom pole with his knee during training. A slalom pole is a pole set up for dribbling training.

It was reported that he was not happy with his performance in his last training session. Coach Tuchel tried to adjust attack patterns and player movements several times, but it was not properly implemented with the players’ movements. Angered by the lackluster results, Coach Tuchel couldn’t hold back his anger and broke the slalom pole.

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