“I’m not the only one” Debt surges again due to anxiety… Exceeds 20 trillion

In the Korean stock market these days, enthusiasm for investing in superconductor stocks following secondary batteries is rising.

The amount of debt to invest in debt is also rapidly increasing again due to anxiety that only I will miss the opportunity.

Reporter Eom Yoon-ju reports.

Recently, the stock market is hot for a specific stock.

Even people who don’t invest,

[Jeong Yoo-seon / Daechi-dong, Seoul: If you watch the Internet메이저놀이터 or YouTube, there are always secondary battery content about the stock market or economic issues… .]

People who do it are all focused on you.

[Seo Hyung-gwan / Samsong-dong, Goyang-si, Gyeonggi-do: Of course, my stomach hurt. I was betting on a decline, but it was more disappointing because I lost money.]

When I hear good news, I feel impatient, thinking that it’s not too late to buy it.

[Kim Cheol-ho / Lee Mun-dong, Seoul: To be honest, I already searched there without knowing and should I buy this or not. When I see information or things like this that I didn’t know, I want to buy more cases like mine.]

As a result, investors’ ‘live ammunition’ accumulated in their accounts at securities firms recorded the maximum this year, and the average daily trading volume is also exploding.

Recently, the number of people investing in debt and debt, which was rampant during the Corona 19 period, has increased significantly.

In fact, the balance of credit transaction loans, which refers to money that investors have not yet paid back after borrowing money from securities firms to buy stocks, has already exceeded 20 trillion won.

This is the first time since the pile-up of lower prices in April.

The dominant analysis is that the so-called FOMO psychology, the fear that I am the only one missing the opportunity, is spreading and leading the buying trend.

However, even experts say that the current stock market is already out of the forecast range.

[Yoo Hye-mi/Professor of Economics and Finance, Hanyang University: The fact that marginalized people chased and bought it also played a role in leading the surge. Now, even parts that are difficult to explain with basic fundamentals are overvalued.]

Among these, some securities companies have entered into risk management for excessive volatility, such as lowering the credit limit of theme stocks.This is YTN Eom Yun-ju.

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