“I’m useless”… Sillim-dong weapon riot arrest

A man in his 30s who indiscriminately wielded a weapon in Sillim-dong, Seoul was arrested a while ago. This man, who appeared in court today (23rd), blamed ‘his situation’, saying that he was late, but that the whole situation was not good.

The first news is Reporter Lee Seo-joon.


A 33-year-old surnamed Jo, who committed a riot with a weapon in Sillim-dong, Seoul, appeared in court to receive an arrest warrant.

In a previous police investigation, Mr. Cho stated바카라사이트, “I committed the crime to make others unhappy because I lived an unhappy life.”

[Mr. Jo: {May I ask what made you so unhappy?} I just think it was my fault that I was in such a bad situation from before. I’m just a useless person. I’m sorry.]

He actually blamed his circumstances for the murder of a man in his 20s whom he had never seen before and seriously injured 3 men in their 30s.

The court issued an arrest warrant for Cho, saying, “There is a great fear of running away.”

Cho stated that he took the fentanyl drug, which he also reverted.

The police said they did a drug test against Mr. Cho, but the voice came out, and they requested a detailed test to the National Institute of Scientific Investigation.

We will continue to investigate the details of the crime against the arrested Mr. Cho.

Meanwhile, the police said that the video of Mr. Cho’s crime was indiscriminately distributed, and that the secondary harm to the victim and the bereaved was serious.

In particular, it warned that if you repeatedly upload or deliver videos, you may be punished for violating the Information and Communications Network Act.

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