‘In front of the 10th place in the final score’ Oh Se-geun, will he stand shoulder to shoulder with the legends?

With another ‘K-Derby’ imminent, Oh Se-geun, who won KGC three times, is about to enter the TOP10 in a major category.

Anyang KGC and Seoul SK will start the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot Professional Basketball Championship Match from the 25th, aiming for their 4th championship.

Veteran Oh Se-geun is aiming to enter the TOP10 in two categories. Oh Se-geun played 21 games in total and is tied for 17th. If you digest the championship match, which will be held until at least 4 games, without a loss, you will secure a tie for 10th place. The current 10th place is the 25 games of Ham Ji-hoon (Hyundai Mobis).

It is also close to entering the top 10 in scoring. Oh Se-geun is in 11th place with 350 points, and Marcus Hicks (former Dongyang) is in 10th place with 363 points. At the earliest, you can rise to 10th place from the first game, and if you score a total of 50 points in this series, the 9th issue of the past will also break through 400 points. Rebound has already entered the top 10. He is ninth with 144 rebounds.

Kim Joo-seong (former DB), La Gun-ah (KCC), Lee Sang-min (former Samsung), and Rod Benson (former DB) are only four players who have ranked in the top 10 in total appearances, points, and rebounds in the championship match. If Oh Se-geun becomes the 5th case, KGC will be able to get one step closer to winning the 4th overall.

If KGC has Oh Se-geun, SK has Kim Sun-hyung. Kim Seon-hyeong is 34th with 178 points. As much as he is playing a one-two punch with Jameel Warney, his career break of 200 seems passable. The record that Kim Seon-hyung is about to enter the TOP 10 is an assist. Kim Seon-hyung recorded 75 assists, and is chasing Johnny McDowell (former Mobis) and Kim Seung-hyun (former Samsung), who tied for 10th, with 5 assists. Kim Seon-hyung can also enter the 10th place in assists in the first game at the earliest.

Steel seems to be able to aim for the TOP10 if the series is prolonged. Kim Seon-hyung is recording 23 steals in his career, which is tied for 22nd. In 10th place is Jason Williford (former Kia) with 32 steals. If you show the same pace as the regular league (1.4 steals), you can aim to enter the 10th place by continuing until the 7th game, but if the momentum of the playoffs (2.3 steals) is maintained, you can enter the TOP10 in the middle of the series. A total of six players are listed in the top 10 in both assists and steals.카지노사이트

Oh Se-geun and Kim Seon-hyung, who had their heyday at Chung-Ang University, clashed in the championship match for the first time after graduating from college last season, drawing attention. I wonder who will be able to stand shoulder to shoulder with the legends in the championship match we met again.

On the other hand, Oh Se-geun was selected as the MVP of the championship game twice in his career. If he wins the trophy again this time, he will jointly rank first with Yang Dong-geun (former Hyundai Mobis) for the most awards. Kim Seon-hyung is aiming for MVP for two consecutive seasons for the first time ever.

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