In just 40 seconds… Arrested 3 teenagers for robbery of gold and silver

Early in the morning, teenagers broke through the glass door of a gold and silver store in Gwangju, stole precious metals, and were caught 30 minutes later.

Since there was a similar theft last year, merchants are trembling with anxiety.

Reporter Sohn Min-ju reports.


In an empty alley early in the morning, two young-looking men are walking in front of a gold and silver store.

Moments later, someone smashes the glass door with a hammer and enters.

Even as another man follows, he looks around constantly as if he is uneasy메이저놀이터.

It took only 40 seconds for the two to steal 60 million won worth of precious metal from the display case and escape.

[Owner of the gold and silver room victim: “I was sleeping (on the 3rd floor) and I heard a sound, so the baby’s father looked through the window and saw CCTV , so there were two of them, so he opened the window and shouted.”]

1 person looked on the watch, 2 people stole precious metals, and a total of 10 teenagers.

The police tracked them down and arrested them on a road about 1km away in about 30 minutes of escape.

It is a street where about 60 gold and silver shops are gathered.

At the end of last year, the police caught teenagers stealing precious metals from a gold and silver shop 100 meters away from here.

At that time, three teenagers stole 40 million won worth of precious metals and were caught within 9 hours.

A series of thefts raises concerns among merchants.

[Soundbite] Jeong Hyeon-joo/Gwangju Chungjang-ro 4-ga Prosperity Association : “It seems that the safest place has changed to the most unsafe place. When the Chungjang-ro police box was on duty 24 hours a day, such incidents hadn’t happened in the area, but recently…” Police said

3 All of them are charged with special theft and plan to apply for an arrest warrant.

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