Is it a foul if you kiss the penalty shootout ball? Behorst Curse Controversy

 Manchester United’s tall striker Bout Behorst (Netherlands) is controversial for kissing the ball during the England FA Cup semi-final penalty shoot-out. Opinions are divided as to whether or not such an act was a foul play as the opponent made a loss after Behorst kissed it.

Manchester United advanced to the final by beating Brighton 7-6 after a penalty shootout in the 2022-2023 FA Cup semi-final held at Wembley Stadium in London, England on the 24th (Korean time).

United’s sixth kicker of the penalty shootout, Behorst, kissed the ball before returning to his teammates’ side after scoring the goal before handing the ball to Brighton’s sixth kicker, Soli March. The kicked ball went over the crossbar. Then Manchester United’s number 7 kicker Lindelof scored a goal to secure victory.

In this scene, some media commented that Behorst kissed the curse. Some critics said that Behorst did not play fair and shook the opponent in a dishonest way.

According to the current soccer game rules, Behorst’s actions do not constitute a foul.

When a penalty kick is taken, the ball must, in principle, be stationary on the penalty mark. However, this is a rule that applies immediately before kicking after the kicker is ready to kick. There is no stipulated rule as to how the ball should be positioned in the process of the penalty mark and the goal going back and forth between the penalty mark and the penalty shoot-out. For this reason, it is not a foul in itself that Behorst directly handed the ball to March.

Behorst’s position is not a foul either.

Current football rules govern where players other than the kicker and goalkeeper must be: ▲ at least 10 yards (9.15 m) from the penalty mark ▲ be behind the penalty mark ▲ be inside the field of play ▲ be outside the penalty area etc. are stipulated.

Be Horst picked up the ball he had kicked and carried it out of the penalty area, kissed him on the lips, passed it to March, and headed towards the center circle. This is also not a foul.먹튀검증

However, it can be determined that the ball was faulty because Behorst kissed him. The soccer game rules stipulate that ‘if the ball is defective during a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, free kick, penalty kick, or throw-in, it is replayed’.

If March had asked the referee to change the ball while protesting against Behorst’s kiss, it is possible that the referee would have accepted it. This is because the referee has the right to change the ball during play. However, without protest, Machi put the ball on the penalty mark and kicked, and it was eventually missed.

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