It seemed like the only hope for Korean fighters, ‘the strongest in Asia’. 1st place in Russian ranking ends with a choke in 55 seconds

 It fit the term ‘Asia’s strongest’.

Kim Soo-cheol (32, Road FC Wonju) established the pride of a Korean fighter. Kim Soo-cheol defeated Russia’s Alexei Indenko (34) in 55 seconds of the first round with a guillotine choke in the final round of the ROAD FC 064 -63kg Bantamweight Tournament held at the Wonju Gymnasium on the 24th.

Kim Soo-chul will face Bruno Azevedo of Brazil, who beat Park Hyeong-keun in the quarterfinals of the Goobne ROAD FC 065 Global Tournament to be held in Anyang this coming August.

Kim Soo-chul is evaluated as ‘Asia’s strongest’. He has won titles in each먹튀검증 organization, including Japan Rising On Featherweight Champion, One Championship Bantamweight Inaugural Champion, and Road FC Bantamweight and Featherweight Champion. In Japan’s Raijin FF, he defeated Hiromasa Ogikubo, the winner of the Bantamweight Grand Prix, and is treated like a champion.

Indenko is the No. 1 powerhouse in the MFP bantamweight rankings, a Russian organization. He has been recognized for his skills to the point of winning several MFP tournaments. It is a bantamweight, but its height is 1m80 and its reach is long, which is physically advantageous. He has a strong hit, but he is so perfect that it is hard to find a weakness on the ground.

On this day, as the Korean players were wiped out, even in Kim Soo-cheol’s game, worries were ahead of expectations. All Korean players in the tournament that day, including Cha Min-hyuk, Han Sang-kwon, Park Hyung-geun, Yoon Tae-young, Park Hae-jin, Ang Ji-yong, and Moon Mun-hun, all lost to foreign players. Mongolian native Nandin Erden, who recently acquired Korean citizenship, was the only Korean player to win.

Road FC champions Park Hae-jin and Jeon Moon-hoon also collapsed, and the pride of Korean fighters completely fell to the ground. Attention was drawn to whether Kim Soo-chul could establish his final pride.

Kim Soo-cheol did not disappoint his expectations. It was fierce from the beginning of the first round. He took the game to the ground from the start and got the tap quickly. Kim Soo-cheol dragged Indenko to the ground and when Indenko tried to get up, he jumped up and grabbed Indenko’s neck with both arms and pulled him with all his might. Indenko did not respond properly to Kim Soo-cheol’s sudden attack and tapped right into the perfect choke. The loudest cheers erupted at the stadium that day.

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