It was different from spring camp… Will the kt bullpen be a hit product?

 Another promising star was born in the kt Wiz bullpen. Kim Young-hyeon (21), who is in his second year of debut, is the main character.

Kim Young-hyun is currently participating in the ‘2023 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League Demonstration Game’ with the kt 1st team. There are few specimens, but it is a striking pitch. He threw 2 games and 2 innings, giving up 1 hold, no hits, 1 walk, 3 strikeouts and no runs.

Kim Young-hyeon is an exhibition game, but he was used in a tight situation. In the game against the Gocheok Kiwoom Heroes on the 13th, which was the opening game of the demonstration game, the team took the mound in the bottom of the 8th inning with a 2-1 lead. He walked lead hitter Kim Soo-hwan, but escaped the crisis by handling follow-up batters Kim Si-ang (looking strikeout), Lee Byeong-gyu (first base grounder), and Kim Joo-hyung (strike knockout). He sent out the leadoff batter, but with a gutsy pitch, he kept the run and recorded his first hold of the exhibition game.

The second run followed a similar flow. This time, on the contrary, the team was chasing. In the game against the Hanwha Eagles held in Daejeon on the 16th, he took the mound as the fourth pitcher of the team in the bottom of the 7th inning, trailing 3-5. Unlike his first game, this time he hit the opponent’s 3rd to 6th center batting line.

Kim Young-hyun threw his ball bravely even in a situation that could be tense. Lee Jin-young (third base grounder) – Kim In-hwan (first baseman straight hit) – Kim Tae-yeon (strike knockout wild throw) – Lee Myung-ki (shortstop grounder) – experienced hitters in the first team were treated in order to finish the inning.

Kim Young-hyun joined kt with the 45th overall in the 2nd round of the 5th round of the 2021 KBO League Rookie Draft. Since his days at Dongsung High School in Gwangju, he has been highly anticipated for his strong fastball in the mid-to-late 140km per hour range and clear breaking ball.

In his first year with the club, he spent a long time recovering from a right shoulder injury, but last year he played in the Futures League, striking out 40 in 48 innings.

Kim Young-hyeon joined the team’s spring camp in Arizona, USA this season with much anticipation from the team. Due to his diligent training attitude and remarkably improved skills during the camp, he is expected to be selected as the team’s best pitcher for spring camp.

Kim Young-hyeon, who started the demonstration game, is rewarding the expectations little by little. In the match against Hanwha, he made the bench smile with his fastball and sharp control, such as a slider (11 pitches, maximum speed of 136 km) and a changeup (3 pitches, maximum speed of 136 km), along with a four-seam fastball that reached up to 148 km.

KT is looking for new bullpen pitchers who can support Pil Seung-jo,메이저사이트 including Ju Kwon (28), Kim Min (24), Lee Chae-ho (25), Kim Min-soo (31), Park Young-hyeon (20), and Kim Jae-yoon (33). If Kim Young-Hyun continues his excellent pitching as he is now, it seems that he will definitely become a hit product for the team’s bullpen this season.

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