“It’s like a dream” ‥Jamboree members, leaving the country in regret

The Saemangeum Jamboree, which caused several controversies amid poor preparation and heat waves, ended its 12-day schedule with a K-pop performance.

Since yesterday, the members have been on their way home one by one.

Reporter Lee Ji-eun reports.

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Incheon International Airport yesterday afternoon.

Jamboree members carrying large bags enter the departure hall one after another.

Members from each country who finished the competition schedule gathered at the airport to depart sequentially from yesterday.

[Melitza Maksivovic/Serbia Participant]
“It was like a dream for us. It was not just a country, it was a메이저놀이터 whole new world.”

As the crew’s departure schedule and the Liberation Day holiday overlapped, the number of airport users increased by 20,000 more than usual, causing congestion at the departure hall.

[Adam/Swedish participant]
“I took the bus early to get to the airport, but I have to wait another 6 hours. It may take a long time, but it’s okay.”

Incheon International Airport handed out about 10,000 safety kits and prepared a separate waiting room for crew members to return home safely.

Yesterday alone, about 10,000 members left the country, and by the 15th, about 34,000 members will return to their respective countries.

Although the official schedule for the tournament has ended, a Korean culture experience booth has been set up for members who are staying in Korea for a little longer.

The experience booth operated by the Seoul Tourism Organization at Seoul Plaza for two days from yesterday will include traditional games and a 50-minute bus tour of Seoul.

This is Lee Ji-eun from MBC News.

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