It’s over if you catch the ‘killer question’? Medical school and Seoul National University semi-students flocked to private education ‘good news’

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A, a 19-year-old engineering student at Korea University who started taking classes after enrolling in a medical school with the goal of entering medical school, often receives related questions from friends these days. It was after the government and the ruling party announced on the 19th of last month that they would exclude the so-called’killer questions’.

Mr. A said on the 2nd, “My friends who go to the same school ask how much the academy costs, saying, ‘Let’s do half of it,’ aiming at Seoul National University or medical school.” Mr. A’s mother said, “Sometimes there are ‘mistakes’ in the medical school entrance exam, but if the exam is easy, I think you can retake the exam throughout college.”

As the government announced that it would exclude ‘killer questions’ outside the scope of public education in the CSAT, the ‘easy CSAT’ keynote to solve the private education problem during the Park Geun-hye administration is showing signs of reappearing. The private education industry said, ‘This water test is an opportunity. Let’s start the class,’ and is moving swiftly스포츠토토, such as opening related lectures.

An atmosphere of concern about the increase in entry of high-ranking semi-students was evident in an online cafe related to entrance exams with more than 3 million subscribers. One user of the community said, “I am attending a second class (re-educational academy), but the number of class students has actually increased. After the killer question (related policy) was announced, more semi-aquatic students came in.” There were also comments such as “In particular, the number of students in the top class has increased” and “It seems certain that the number of students in the top ranks who couldn’t go to medical school is increasing because of the killer question.”

Mr. B, a parent with a retaken child, told the <Hankyoreh>, “My child said that he was prepared for the third exam after seeing the keynote of this CSAT.” They say they will choose 2).” The standard score is a score that reflects the difficulty of the test instead of the raw score, and the higher the standard score, the more difficult the test is. If you are a top student, it is advantageous to choose subjects with high standard scores.

There are grounds for the intersecting expectations and concerns of students and their parents. Looking at the 2015 CSAT, which was expected to be a ‘water test’, the ratio of graduates (re-takers + half-takers) applicants increased by 1.5 percentage points from a year ago. At the time, the Ministry of Education said, “We will reduce the cost of private education and normalize public education by adjusting the difficulty of the CSAT,” and in effect announced the “water test,” and those who did not get to the university they wanted by 1 or 2 points increased the number of cases where they took a second or half exam.

Hagwons are launching customized course packages for semi-students in time for the end of college final exams. Some academies put up phrases such as ‘short-term concentration for 4 to 5 months’. An official from an entrance examination academy in Mok-dong said, “Inquiries are flooding in not only from half-students, but also from students who were preparing for a bad luck due to poor grades, and even from office workers. It feels like the (entrance exam) market has become more active.” An official from an entrance exam academy in the province also said, “Recently, parents of half-study students are consulting on whether it is advantageous or disadvantageous to say that the killer question will disappear this time.”

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