Jang Yoo-bin, a national representative who dreams of becoming a ‘star golfer’, “Seong-jae hyung told me not to work hard, but to do well”

Seong-jae hyung, who is also participating in the Asian Games, pressured me to do better than to work hard.

” He will be selected as the national golf team at the Asian Games, which will be held in Hangzhou, China in September, and will compete wearing the Taegeuk mark. I’m worried every day that I won’t be ‘who’ in the game where I match up with three older brothers, Lim Seong-jae, Kim Si-woo, and Jo Woo-young. 

Lim Seong-jae, a senior at Korea National Sport University and a colleague of the Asian Games national team, recently jokingly put pressure on Yoo-bin Jang, who was accompanying him in the ‘medal hunt’, saying ‘I have to do well’. However, she smiled brightly, saying that it was working with ‘positive energy’, which helped her performance.      

Jang Yu-bin is participating in the second tournament of the Korea Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour season, ‘Golf Zone Open in Jeju’, which opened at Golf Zone County Ora (par 72) in Jeju City, Jeju Island on the 20th.

Her first day performance is satisfactory. She recorded one bogey, but drove in five of her birdies, and she shot a 4-under-par 68. Although she is 4 strokes short of the sole leader Park Eun-shin, she is worth aiming for a comeback in the remaining three days. 

Jang Yu-bin is using the remaining five months of her competition schedule until the Asian Games in September as a test stage to perfect her own shot. She is thinking of it as a real game, not practice. She is aiming to win her every tournament so she is holding on. 

I changed my mindset and the results are coming out positively. Last March, in the first KPGA Srixon Tour tournament, he beat professional seniors and won the championship, and in the second tournament, he was ranked in the top 10. On this day, too, he steadily reduced the number of strokes with no unnecessary shots.

Jang Yu-bin, who finished at the top of the game that day, said, “I was nervous and excited at the first Korean Tour tournament this year. Even in the midst of that, I finished well with my play.” So, I am hoping for good results.” 

She said ‘put’ without hesitation about the difference from last year. 

Jang Yu-bin said, “My biggest weakness is putting. To be honest, ‘Ips’ is. Last winter, I practiced a lot to get rid of anxiety with national team coach Hyung-tae Kim. My anxiety gradually disappeared and my confidence grew.” 

She also did not forget to thank President Kim Young-chan of Golf Zone. Jang Yoo-bin, who has been sponsored by Golfzon Academy for 7 years, said, “The Asian Games course is not yet in Golfzon. said. 

Yubin Jang made plans for her to turn pro right after the Asian Games. She has ‘military exemption’, which is unavoidable for Korean men, so the color of the medal is important, but regardless of the result, the ‘road’ she established while starting golf

However, it does not mean that the resolution to face the Asian Games is loose. Jang Yu-bin said, “Because I play with seniors who play on the PGA Tour, I often hear that ‘I will be exempted from military service thanks to them.’ promised. 

Finally, when asked what player she wants to be like, she immediately replied, ‘Tiger Woods’. The reason was clear.

Jang Yu-bin said,스포츠토토 “I started playing golf at the age of 7 at the recommendation of my grandmother, who was a member of the national tennis team. At the time, I learned by watching Tiger Woods’ swing on TV at the driving range. My first coach was Woods.” I respect you. I want to become a player who is full of ‘starness’ when I reach the top position,” showing the guts and confidence of a golfer of the MZ generation. 

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