Joo Ho-min’s wife, in the courtroom “Severe punishment for the child teacher”… Also ignore the ‘explain text’

According to News 1 on the 2nd, Judge Kwak Yong-heon of the 9th Criminal Division of the Suwon District Court held a second trial on the 13th of last month against teacher A, who was charged with violating the Special Act on the Punishment of Child Abuse Crimes.

Joo Ho-min’s wife and webtoon writer Han Soo-ja attended the trial that day. Ms. Han is reported to have said that when Judge Kwak asked her intention to punish her, she said, “Please be sure to punish her severely.”

Accordingly, the court decided to proceed with the questioning of the accused in the future. The next trial is scheduled for the 28th.

In September of last year, Joo Ho-min and his wife filed a complaint against A, a special education teacher at an elementary school in Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, for child abuse against their son B메이저놀이터.

It is known that Mr. A made a statement to Group B, who was separated due to school violence at the time, to the effect that “I will not be able to make other friends because I am now separated.” Ho-min Joo and his wife took issue with the fact that teacher A made inappropriate remarks in the process of being separated from a regular class to a special class because their autistic son took off his pants in front of a female student.

Joo Ho-min and his wife attached a tape recorder to their son’s school bag and collected related evidence. While Ho-min Joo sued Mr. A, he did not inform the party or the school of this fact. Mr. A learned of the complaint only after being notified of the start of the investigation by the police, and tried to contact Ho-min Joo and his wife by leaving a text message to explain the situation at the time, but it was not reached.

Mr. A was released from his position in January when the police investigation began. However, the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education allowed Mr. A to be reinstated on the 1st, 7 months after the release of her position, as social public opinion over this incident increased.

On the 31st of last month, Lim Tae-hee, Superintendent of Education of Gyeonggi Province, posted on his Facebook page, “I think this incident is not an individual teacher problem, but can shake the entire special education system of the Gyeonggi Provincial Office of Education.” We will respond,” he said.

He pointed out, “If the Prosecutor’s Office is removed from their position just because they ‘requested a formal trial,’ teachers who are working on special education with a sense of duty in the field will be greatly hurt, and other special children and parents will suffer great damage.” .

He said, “In the future, the Office of Education will not indiscriminately remove teachers from their positions until the truth is clearly identified.”

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