Judge’s autograph stealing controversy… Director “There is nothing against the rules”

Yankees manager Aaron Boone emphasized that “nothing is against the rules” about Aaron Judge (New York Yankees), who was at the center of the controversy for ‘looking sideways’.

According to ESPN on the 17th (Korean time), manager Boone said that he had talked with the Major League Secretariat. “I understand there will be no investigation of any kind as what happened last night was not against the rules,” he said.

The problem came out on the 16th in a game between the Yankees and the Toronto Blue Jays.

In the 8th inning, when the Yankees were leading 6-0, manager Boone was ejected for protesting the umpire’s strike zone in Judge’s at-bat.

With the hall somewhat chaotic, Judge fired a mid-month solo shot against Toronto Jay Jackson.

But at this time, the scene was captured where Judge was looking at the Yankees dugout sideways without turning his face. Local broadcasters raised suspicions that they had received Toronto’s autograph from the dugout.

After the game, Judge explained, “It bothered me because my teammates were constantly talking. I was trying to see who was making noise in the dugout.”

However, Toronto coach John Schneider did not dispel his doubts, saying, “It’s a little strange that the batter is looking toward the dugout. Obviously, he must have been looking in that direction for a reason.”

Even after a day, the controversy over Judge’s sign stealing was the hottest topic in dugouts for both teams.

ESPN reported that “Jersey was upset that he was profiting from sign stealing after he was caught looking at Dugout in profile.” “I don’t like it, but people can say whatever they want,” Judge said. He also revealed his uncomfortable planting, saying, “I have a few things to say, but I think it’s better not to.”

Sign stealing without the use of electronic devices is an open secret on the ballpark. However, revealing it blatantly is another matter.

Not revealing the sign is also an important part.

Coach Schneider said it was up to the players not to give out the autographs by mistake, saying, “If our players have exposed their autographs, we need to do better.”

However, the suspicion of the judge continued. “All teams are wary of that (not showing signs),” said manager Schneider. There is a reason why there are first and third base coach seats in the stadium.”메이저놀이터

That leaves the possibility that the Yankees coach stole Toronto’s autographs.

At the same time, coach Schneider said, “Jersey is a really good hitter who won MVP last year.

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