“Jung-eun said it was okay…” Why did Yang In-young change her uniform number to number 11?

Yang In-young (28, 184 cm) will wear number 11 starting from the new season.

Bucheon Hana 1Q, which finished last season (6 wins, 24 losses), started off-season training on the 17th after a short vacation. Except for Kim Ha-na, Kim Mi-yeon, and Park Jin-young, who are in rehabilitation, all members of the team join and aim to escape from the lower ranks. Currently, he is focusing on improving his physical condition with the newly recruited physical coach, Kim Ik-gyeom.

On the 20th, Yang In-young, who we met at the Hanawon Q Cheongna Gymnasium, said, “I went on an overseas trip for the first time in a while because Corona 19 has calmed down. He went to Bangkok and Taiwan. Originally, in Taiwan, (Kim) Danbi (Woori Bank) unni, Jinan (BNK), and (Kang) Dewseul (KB Stars) were the four of them, but Danbi and Jinan went up to the championship match, so the vacation period didn’t match. So I was going with Seul Lee, but (Kim) Areum (Shinhan Bank) said he wanted to go with me, so I joined.”

There is a big change in the power of Hana One Q this season. Recruitment of Kim Jong-un, who was released as a free agent (FA) from Asan Woori Bank. It is a return to the family team after 6 years. If veteran Kim Jong-un joins, it is expected that young players will be able to hold the center of Hana 1Q, the main axis.

“Actually, (Kim) Jung has no acquaintance with his older sister. I’ve been watching it for a long time and thought, ‘It’s so cool’. He said that there are so many things to learn from the players around him. He is reassured just by being on the same team as his older sister, whom he usually thinks is cool.” Yang In-young says:

“I want to learn a lot from my older sister. Leadership that leads the team should also be followed. I think it would be very comfortable to run together on the court. I haven’t played high-low in a while, but she thinks she can do it with her sister, so I’m really looking forward to it,” he added.

Yang In-young, who welcomed the addition of her Kim Jong-un, readily gave away her own number 13. It is a meaningful uniform number that she has worn since the days of Samsung Life Insurance in Yongin, but she said that she decided to give it up for Kim Jong-un. Yang In-young’s new jersey number is 11.

Yang In-young said, “I said I would give it to you first. Then she said, ‘You do it, I’ll change it’. She said but she said she would make sure I wasn’t. Her new jersey number is number 11. She struggled with numbers 11 and 17, but her colleagues said that number 17 was like a rookie, so she wore number 11,” she laughed.

She recruited Kim Jong-un, but basketball is not a sport played alone.토토사이트 Existing members such as Shin Ji-hyun, Yang In-young, and Jeong Ye-rim should show their play. If Yang In-young, who was somewhat sluggish last season, plays her part in the goal, she can get out of the bottom ranks.

Yang In-young said, “I was personally very disappointed last season. Didn’t Jeongeun unnie come this season? Today (20th) she had a brief chat with her sister and she said ‘let’s aim for a double digit multiplier’. She will do her best to achieve her goal.”

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