“Kane’s agent has already started negotiating with other teams… Last big chance this summer”

Harry Kane’s agent has already started negotiations with other clubs.”

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp has strongly hinted at a move for ‘England captain’ Kane this summer.

Former Tottenham midfielder Jamie Redknapp said it was naive speculation to think that Kane’s agents were indifferent to the interest of their clients.

Born in 1993, Kane has 15 months left on his contract with Tottenham. However, discussions on renewing the contract have not yet begun. Despite holding the club’s all-time record for most goals as the Premier League’s top striker, Kane’s desire to win remains unresolved. Tottenham, which has been dedicated since childhood, has never lifted a trophy, and for Kane, who is looking at 30, the prevailing view is that this summer is almost the last chance to touch big money. Although rumors of a Manchester United link are constantly coming out, Tottenham chairman Daniel Levy made clear his intention to shoot Kane and put up an astronomical transfer fee of 100 million pounds. It is a huge amount that even Man United cannot afford. It is known that Kane will make a final decision on his future after the end of the season, but the general consensus is that Tottenham, which is looking for a fourth manager four years after the sacking of manager Antonio Conte, is unlikely to keep Kane.

In this atmosphere, Redknapp was convinced that Kane’s agents were already in contact with other clubs through Sky Sports.

“Within a year, Kane is free to sign someone. The negotiating partners will be talking to the club, and the club will know the situation,” he said. “Football always plays that way. We say no with our heads in the sand, but Kane will have a lot of options because he is a world class player,” he explained.

“I want to say that this is the last chance for Kane to make a big transfer. It is a big opportunity for Kane to leave if he wants. Kane is a Tottenham fan and loves Tottenham. If he leaves Tottenham, he will leave with a heavy heart. There is no doubt about it,” he said. “This chaotic situation at Tottenham doesn’t do anything to hold on to their star player.스포츠토토 Every year a new manager comes along and he probably thinks, ‘What’s the point of all this?’ “Because athletes need something like continuity to help them succeed,” he said.

Kane has been surrounded by transfer rumors several times in the past. He had a crucial chance to leave Tottenham in 2021, but Chairman Levy blocked his escape with an astronomical transfer fee. Man City made a strong offer to sign Kane, but Tottenham, who had more than three years of contract left, took a superior position to veto the negotiations. However, Redknapp saw that the situation was now in Kane’s favor. “Tottenham are not in a strong position to negotiate now. It feels like Tottenham have also signed Mourinho and Conte, who have won back-to-back titles, for Kane’s trophy. Let’s start. Who the hell is the manager who can win this club?”

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