KB coach Kim Wan-soo, who recorded two consecutive victories in the W-League, “I think it will continue to improve”

KB recorded 2 consecutive wins.

Cheongju KB Stars won 91-63 in the match against Aranmare held at the same place. Aranmare is a team that ranked 10th (8 wins, 18 losses) in the W-League last season스포츠토토.

Iseul Kang (4 3-point shots, 20 points, 2 steals), Ji-soo Park (19 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists), Yuna Yeom (14 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists, 4 steals), Yeeun Huh (13 points, 6 rebounds, 8 assists), Yunmi Lee (10 points) He played evenly, scoring double digits until .

KB Stars started out as the most elite members. Park Ji-soo played under the goal, and Kang I-seul scored with outside shots. Heo Ye-eun’s steal followed by a layup and 3-point shot, and Lee Yun-mi’s goal, ended the first quarter with a score of 29-14. In the second quarter, the flow did not change. In the first half alone, Park Ji-soo, Kang I-seul, and Yum Yoon-a scored more than 10 points, ending the second quarter with a 14-point difference (44-30).

The second half was also the lead of KB Stars. He accumulated points by playing evenly with the starters and bench members. 3 minutes and 14 seconds before the end of the game with a 30-point difference (82-52), young players Lee Yoon-mi, Yang Ji-soo, Ahn Jung-hyun, Lee Hye-joo and Shin Hye-young were put in to finish the game.

KB coach Kim Wan-soo, who recorded two consecutive victories, said, “It is a concept to match the players in Gyeonggi-do today, so the players try to match well, so we tried to see the difference between (Park) Ji-soo’s presence and absence. I think I need to practice that part more, because I played two or three times. All of the players are now talking about trying to do something under the leadership of (Yeom) Yoona. I think it will continue to improve.”

He continued, “First of all, I hope the players don’t get injured and focus more. Whether we are winning or losing, we have to calmly do the same, but as it widened a little in the beginning of today, there was a part where we lost concentration and became loose. I hope that part disappears, and I hope that the part of keeping calm and concentrating in any situation gets better.”

Heo Ye-eun, who won the victory, said, “I did it when I was in elementary school, and I haven’t played with Japan since then. This time he did it for the first time when he came to the All-Star Game in April. When it comes to Japan, there is this image of being organized, fast, and good at shooting, and I wondered how much we could play according to that. When I actually bumped into it, I felt that it was worth trying. It was very fast and hectic, but today is getting better than yesterday, and it seems that he is adapting to the speed of Japanese players. If I adapt to the speed of these Japanese players and follow them, I think it will be of great help in Korea,” recalled the W-League.

And “Japanese players have a strong image coming out of their eyes. Should I feel alive? Japanese players are laughing, but I can see that part. On the first day, we were helpless and couldn’t do anything, so we were very angry and the atmosphere of the whole team was not very good.

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