Kim Eun-joong, forgetting the tears and running again towards the ‘medal’

In the FIFA U-20 World Cup,먹튀검증 our national team is now in the 3rd place match against Israel.

Coach Eunjoong Kim and the players forgot the tears in the semifinals and started running again for the medals.

Head coach Kim Eun-joong encourages and inspires players who cannot forget the regret of their first defeat in the tournament.

[Soundbite] Kim Eun-joong/Coach of the under-20 national soccer team : “Let’s prepare well so that we can have another great game the day after tomorrow. You know what I mean? Let’s not stagnate (training) and be energetic!”] The national team’s recovery training suddenly turned cold

. It started so calmly.

However, immediately after the match against Italy, the players of the non-main team happily turned the ball around and changed the atmosphere at the training ground.

[“Twenty-four, twenty-five, twenty-six!”]

Tall striker Lee Yeong-joon, who shed tears in the semi-finals, regained his smile and pledged to score.

[Soundbite] Lee Young-joon/National Under-20 Football Team : “I’m the mood maker, but I should try to raise the mood right now. What should I do? (I want to see Lee Young-joon score a goal…) I’ll score.

” Seok-Hyun Choi, a defender who puts in, is dreaming of the moment when he will fly again as he repeats his scoring scene.

[Soundbite] Choi Seok-hyeon/National Under-20 Football Team: “(Kim Ji-soo) kept being jealous in the room and told me to stop watching the (scoring) videos… I think I ‘ve seen everything (videos) on YouTube.”] Israel, which will decorate the end of the journey, if you come in 3rd place, you can wear a medal around your neck like your seniors did 4 years ago.

The national team is advancing towards a new goal of winning the 3rd place match of Korea’s men’s first FIFA competition. This

is KBS News Park Seon-woo from La Plata.

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