Kim Joo-hyung · Ko Jin-young … 34 Wins ‘Winning Machine’

There is a name that is mentioned more than most players on Sunday evening and Monday morning when professional golf tournaments in Korea and the United States are over. This is Lee Si-woo, a swing coach who became a leader through the Korean Professional Golf (KPGA) Korean Tour. Among active players, he is called a ‘winner’. The players he coached won a total of 34 victories on professional stages, including the PGA Tour, the LPGA Tour, the KPGA Korean Tour, and the KLPGA Tour.

The appearance of his disciples is also splendid. Kim Joo-hyung (21), who became the most successful PGA Tour winner faster than Tiger Woods (USA), and Ko Jin-young (28), former world No. This is typical. What is the driving force behind the students’ success? He lowered his body, saying that the result was possible because of the efforts of his disciples, not his own leadership. Coach Lee said, “I only played a role in helping solve problems with swing and game management. I think the reason why my grades are good is because my students did well.” “I am a lucky swing coach. I will continue to help my students. I want to remain as a swing coach who gives me good luck,” he said with a smile.

Coach Lee, who was active on the Korean Tour, became a coach after realizing that he could not be a player competing for championships. While contemplating various career paths, he discovered that he had an excellent ability to teach others while receiving golf training in Australia in 2007. After returning to Korea, coach Lee took the path of a leader in earnest and started to make his name known little by little from 2010.

Coach Lee said, “Since I was active on the Korean Tour, my colleagues asked me to watch my swing, but I never imagined that I would have the talent to teach someone.” He looked back.

If you look at the daily schedule that coach Lee digests during the season where professional golf tournaments are held continuously, it is tightly packed from dawn to evening. From dawn to noon, he visits practice fields and fields to guide players active in Korea, and in the evening, he checks his swing through video calls with players on the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. However, this coach said that he did not feel tired or tired at all.

He said, “As a player, I was a third-rate player who worried about passing the cut and seeding. I pour everything into my lessons so that my students do not feel the same pain as me.” I think I will do my best in the future so that my students can only walk on flowery paths.”

What do the disciples think of this coach? Kim Joo-hyung, Ko Jin-young, and Kim Su-ji gave thumbs up to Coach Lee’s analysis and communication skills. Coach Lee’s disciples said, “I know for sure what my weaknesses are. I also spend a lot of time with them and try to understand why the players are anxious.” Advantages of this coach” 메이저놀이터

Coach Lee revealed that he talks to players first to understand them. He said, “Just as there is no right answer in golf, the lessons are the same. The process of discussing with the player in which direction to take the swing is important.” It is close to impossible. It will not change in the future to give lessons according to the golf and swing that the player wants.”

He also gave special advice for junior players who dream of becoming professional golfers. Coach Lee said, “You can succeed as a professional golfer even if you don’t have talent. But not without earnestness and perseverance.” “If you give up your impatience about grades and go step by step at your own pace, you can become great professional golfers like Kim Joo-hyung and Ko Jin-young.” there will be,” he said.

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