Kim Yong-tae “President Nang said something in the past… Need to express the position of ‘guilty of mother-in-law'”

“We need to appoint a special inspector to manage the ‘in-law risk'”

Kim Yong-tae, former Supreme Commissioner of People’s Power, said, “It is카지노사이트 necessary to express regret to the public” in relation to the fact that President Seok-yeol Yoon’s mother-in-law Choi Eun-soon’s suspicion of’bank account counterfeiting’ was found to be true.

On the 24th, former member Kim appeared on CBS Radio’s <Park Jae-hong’s bout> and said, “When I reflect on the election process during the presidential election, I often said that the candidate risk at that time was ‘Mrs.

He added, “Because the issue of managing relatives is always a risk regardless of whether President Yoon is good or bad, I think that appointing a special inspector is such a system to protect the regime.”

Former Commissioner Kim again said, “Even if you can see it morally, it is not directly President Yoon’s fault. (In-law risk) most of the things that happened before marriage,” he said.

The special inspector general has the role of overseeing the misconduct of the president’s spouse, relatives within the fourth degree, and public officials of the presidential secretary’s office or higher. The special inspectorate system was introduced in accordance with the ‘Special Inspectors Act’ enacted in 2014 during the Park Geun-hye administration with the intention that an independent inspector like a special prosecutor is needed to prevent misconduct by people in a special relationship, such as relatives of the president. Although it belongs to the president, it has an independent status in relation to its duties, and it is required to maintain political neutrality in performing its duties.

Lee Seok-soo, the first special inspector general appointed in March 2015, accused former President Park’s younger brother Park Geun-ryeong, former chairman of the Yuk-Young Foundation, for fraud, and inspected Woo Byung-woo, former senior secretary for civil affairs, for alleged misconduct. Since then, the Moon Jae-in administration has not appointed a special inspector.

The 20th Presidential Transition Committee discussed re-activating the Special Inspector General, but President Yoon did not directly mention it after the inauguration of the regime. On July 27 last year, Prime Minister Han Deok-soo pointed out that ‘special inspectors have not been appointed’ in a government inquiry into education, society and culture, saying, “(Special inspectors) will be appointed by the president.”

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