‘Kim Young-soo and Seo Yo-seop were also eliminated’ Europe’s wall that was not easy

 As expected, the wall of the European tour (DP World Tour) was not easy.

On the 29th at Jack Nicklaus GCK in Songdo, Incheon, the 3rd round of the ‘DP World Tour Korea Championship Presented by Genenis’ started, and a total of 23 Korean players (including Koreans) were still alive.

This tournament is the European Tour held in Korea for the first time in 10 years since the 2013 Ballantine’s Championship, and 60 Korean players challenged in a big event that was held after a long time.

Due to the participation of top European tour players and Jack Nicklaus GCK’s unique course difficulty, close battles took place throughout the first and second rounds, and 23 Korean players passed the cut.

It is regrettable that some of the star players representing the Korean Tour cannot be seen in the third round.

Kim Young-soo, who won the Genesis Grand Prize and prize money last year, turned his eyes to the world stage this season and faced domestic fans through this tournament, but unfortunately failed with a 3-over par.

Seo Yo-seop, who won two games last year and is in good shape at the beginning of this season, also failed to avoid the cut. Seo Yo-seop also suffered from poor condition with a 4-over-par on the first day, but also placed at the bottom of the leaderboard with a 5-over par in the second round. Seo Yo-seop, who finished the second round, said, “I wasn’t in a good condition overall. I think he had a good experience.”

Go Gun-taek, the winner of the opening match, and Jo Woo-yeong, who kissed the championship cup last week as an amateur in 10 years, were also up to the second round.ㅋㅋㅋ벳

Among 37 players who missed the cut and withdrew (Hwang Do-yeon, Lee Su-min), 23 Korean players (including Shin Yong-gu, a Korean) are challenging for the championship.

The player to pay attention to is, of course, Park Sang-hyun. Park Sang-hyun, who continued to reduce the number of strokes by 3 under par in the second round after 5 under par in the first round, will jointly lead with Yannick Paul (Germany) and play a round together. The grouping for this tournament will be reduced from 3 to 2 from the 3rd round.

While Park Sang-hyun is the most advanced with an 8-under par, Ok Tae-hun and Shin Yong-gu (above -6) can also finish in a tie for 5th place, and Kim Bio, Yang Ji-ho, Hwang Jung-gon, Byeon Jin-jae, and Kang Gyeong-nam (above -5), who are tied for 11th place, are also rainstorms. Enter the competition to break through and raise the rankings.

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