‘Kobic’ 30-year-old comedian Lee Ji-soo dies… Sudden sad news, shocked colleagues

Lee Ji-soo, a comedian who participated in ‘Comedy Big League메이저놀이터‘, passed away on the 11th. 30 years old. The exact cause of death was not given. Lee Ji-soo is from Yoon Hyung-bin’s small theater and debuted

in 2021 with tvN’s ‘Comedy Big League’. He was active in various corners such as ‘Kobik Enter’ and ‘Sniper of Taste’, and appeared on YouTube ‘Turkiyez on the Block’ with ‘Kobik’ comedian

. They were in great shock and sorrow.

On the deceased’s SNS , condolences such as “Thank you for the smile” “I thought a big smile was attractive, but I was so surprised when I read the article” “I hope you spend every day full of happiness and laughter in the sky” “It’s really unfortunate and sad” etc. .

The deceased’s mortuary was prepared in Room 2 of the funeral hall of Shinhwa Nursing Hospital in Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul. His funeral is at 6:40 am on the 13th, Jangji is a Seoul Municipal Seunghwawon.

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