Korea University with reduced capacity, the card coach Hee-Jung Joo brought out was “protective defense”

 Although the number of available players has decreased, Korea University is still strong.

Korea University, led by head coach Joo Hee-jeong, won 96-56 in the 2023 KUSF University Basketball U-League away match against Dongguk University held at Dongguk University Seoul Campus Gymnasium on the 2nd.

Park Moo-bin (24 points, 6 3-point shots, 3 rebounds, 5 assists, 3 steals) led the team’s attack, and Moon Jung-hyun (10 points, 13 rebounds, 7 assists, 4 steals) played a triple-double level role. Six players from Korea University combined for a complete victory with double-digit scores.

Korea University went one step closer to confirming first place in the regular season by sprinting on an 11-game winning streak in the opening season and extending the win over runner-up Yonsei University to 1.5 games. Korea University has three games left until the end of the regular season.

Korea University has been undefeated with solid power, but it faced a variable before the match against Dongguk University. Moon Yoo-hyeon, Yoon Ki-chan, and Yoo Min-soo were selected for the U19 national team and left their seats. In addition, Shin Joo-young suffered a partial rupture of ligaments in his ankle during training. “I think it will take about 5 to 6 weeks to return,” explains director Joo Hee-jung.

Although the number of available students has decreased, Korea University still boasted solid power. The focus was on one-on-one defense, but local defense was also appropriately used to relieve the physical burden of the main players.

Director Joo Hee-jung said, “Three first-year students were missing, and (Moon) Jeong-hyeon and (Park) Moo-bin were also fatigued. He is playing the league with an intravenous ringer. Players who have been to more than 100 times seem to have a physical burden, so they changed their offensive defense to a defensive one. It seems that playing the game with regional defense at the same time worked well.”

Kim Min-gyu was also diagnosed with otolithiasis and had difficulty adjusting his condition recently, but recorded 6 points and 2 rebounds in 14 minutes and 22 seconds, relieving coach Joo Hee-jung’s worries.메이저사이트

“I was worried about (Kim) Mingyu’s physical condition, but it turned out to be better than I was concerned about,” said coach Joo Hee-jung, adding, “We plan to use regional defense for the rest of the regular league and focus on stamina distribution for the players.”

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