Kwon Seong-dong “Moon Jae-in, like Nolbu who broke the swallow’s leg and applied medicine…”

Kwon Seong-dong, a member of the People’s Power, criticized former President Moon Jae-in in a strong tone, saying, “It is really cowardly.” Unlike the past, when foreign ministers of the Moon Jae-in government pledged to “follow the IAEA conclusion,” former President Moon said, “I oppose Japan’s release of radioactively contaminated water,” and is watching the supporters .

Rep. Kwon Seong-dong said on Facebook on the 25th, “The Foreign Minister of the Moon Jae-in government declared’I will follow the IAEA conclusion’, and the Yoon Seok-yeol government is in the same position.” “What on earth does former President Moon oppose ? Are you saying you’re against it?”

Rep. Kwon pointed out, “The word that we are worried about메이저놀이터 damage to fishermen and the fishery industry is also heinous.” “What is the cause of the economic damage to the fishery industry?

Then, he said, “Former President Moon is acting as if he is worried about the damage caused by the Democratic Party.” people,” he said.

In addition, he raised his voice, saying, “Former President Moon said that strong support measures for fishermen and the fisheries industry are needed.” At the same time, he criticized, “If you are concerned about the damage to fishermen even as much as a fingernail, former President Moon should remain silent.”

Former President Moon wrote on Facebook the day before, “I oppose Japan’s release of radioactively contaminated water,” and “I think the government’s response to this issue is very wrong.”

In particular, “Japan’s release of radioactively contaminated water causes public anxiety, and it is expected that the economic damage to fishermen and people involved in the fisheries industry will be severe.” It will have to be strengthened,” he said.

However, this was 180 degrees different from the position of the Moon Jae-in administration, which led to criticism. In fact, former Minister of Foreign Affairs Kang Kyung-wha said in a parliamentary audit on the 10th of 2020, “The plan to discharge contaminated water from Fukushima is a sovereign decision by Japan,” and former Minister of Foreign Affairs Eui-yong Eui-yong also said in an April 2021 government question at the National Assembly, “It meets IAEA standards . If it is done according to the suitability procedure, there is nothing to object to.” In this regard, Sang-beom Yoo, chief spokesman for People’s Power, said in a commentary on the day, “I am angered by the dual DNA

of ‘right then and wrong now’ in the unique naronambul. ” If you are concerned about the damage to the people, it is not moral to add to the criticism of the current government as if you spit it out lightly.”

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