Lee Jae-myung “Prosecution manipulation investigation”…Prosecution “confirmation of preferential treatment”

Lee Jae-myung, the head of the Democratic Party of Korea스포츠토토, is under investigation by the prosecution as a suspect in the alleged preferential treatment for Baekhyun-dong development.

Representative Lee criticized the prosecution for conducting a fabricated investigation to hide the reality of the regime, but

the prosecution expressed confidence in proving the allegations, saying that it had confirmed the circumstances in which preferential treatment was provided to private contractors.

Reporter Song Jae-in reports.

[Reporter] Lee Jae
-myung, the representative of the Democratic Party, who was summoned to the prosecution for the fourth time this year, poured out criticism as if he were determined prior to the investigation.

He said that he did not take even a penny from the Baekhyun-dong business, and that he would be investigated a hundred times against attempts to cover up the incompetence of the regime by overturning the guilt he did not have.

[Lee Jae-myeong / Representative of the Democratic Party of Korea: Isn’t this a fabricated investigation by political prosecutors who intend to fabricate and cover up crimes that do not exist and cover their shame?] Representative Lee submitted a 30-page written

statement in the investigation room facing the prosecution and completely denied the allegations. It is said to have been done.

Baekhyun-dong’s permits and permits during his time as Seongnam mayor were all at the request of the Park Geun-hye government or the Food Research Institute, and there was no preferential treatment, and there was no charge of breach of trust.

However, the prosecution said that there was an urban planning guideline on the premise of public development in relation to the development of the former Food Research Institute site, and

questioned why Lee reversed the public development he had promised and excluded Seongnam Urban Development Corporation from participating in the project.

In particular, he was a former head of the campaign headquarters for the representative election campaign and asked if he was involved because it was impossible to change the use of the four stages of the Baekhyeon-dong site, reduce the rental housing ratio, or install a 50m retaining wall without the request of lobbyist Kim In-seop, who was arrested and indicted in May. .

The prosecution also emphasized that the essence of the case was that the business was intentionally abandoned after receiving a request, and that hundreds of billions of won were poured into private contractors, and that the damage suffered by Seongnam City would be calculated as the amount of breach of trust.

It is said that the prosecution, who pressed a 300-page questionnaire, and Lee, who refuted the suspicion with a 30-page written statement, ran parallel throughout the investigation.

The prosecution said that it could not be hasty to reveal at this stage whether or not to request an arrest warrant for CEO Lee Jae-myung, who is suspected of preferential treatment in Baek Hyun-dong.

This is YTN Song Jae-in.

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