“Lee Kang-in is a crack, and such an MF is impossible to recruit again… You have to invest all the transfer fee” → Spanish media, criticism in Mallorca

 The Spanish media also admitted that Mallorca is difficult to find a replacement for Lee Kang-in’s summer transfer. 

Lee Kang-in, who has grown into a representative playmaker in La Liga this season, is highly likely to leave Mallorca this summer. A growing number of teams are already fascinated by his incredible performance. 

At the time of last winter, Mallorca also took the position that it would never send Lee Kang-in, the core of the team, for a transfer fee below the buyout, and had no intention of sending it out.

However, this summer, he announced that he would agree to the transfer of Lee Kang-in if he received a transfer fee equal to or less than the buyout level included in the Lee Kang-in contract. 

However, it seems that Mallorca is also concerned about the vacancy left after

Spanish media ‘Okay Diario’ reported on the 16th (Korean time) that “coach Javier Aguirre has asked Mallorca to sign five key players.” 

“Mallorca is preparing for the next transfer window,” said Okay Diario. , The issue that Mallorca needs to consider most delicately is Lee Kang-in’s departure.” 

In Mallorca, Lee Kang-in’s influence has been enormous in most of the attack scenes and team connections this season. Lee Kang-in played in 33 games and scored 6 goals and 4 assists, not a few attack points, and there were many opportunities that would have led to goals if Mallorca’s strikers had followed their determination. In addition to his attack scene, he contributed a lot to defense and team build-up, and occupied a large part of the team’s strength. 

According to the report from Okay Diario, the five positions requested by coach Aguirre are left defender, central defender, central midfielder, crack, and striker, respectively.

The media paid particular attention to whether it would be possible to replace Lee Kang-in, who is located in the crack, who can control the game among the five recruits. 

OK Diario said, “Lee Kang-in is a crack. It is obviously impossible for Mallorca to sign a player at Lee Kang-in’s level, but we have to assume that someone can take his place.” He questioned whether he could do it.

“We need to recruit second-line resources who can score 7 to 10 goals with Muriki next season. Most of Lee Kang-in’s transfer fee will be invested in this recruitment,” he said. He explained that most of the proceeds from Lee Kang-in’s sales would have to be reinvested to replace the crack role. 

Meanwhile,먹튀검증 as the competition for Lee Kang-in intensifies in Mallorca, the transfer fee for his replacement is expected to increase. 

Although Atletico Madrid, which was previously considered the leader, has announced that it will not pay an amount equivalent to the buyout for Lee Kang-in, several Premier League teams are still aiming for Lee Kang-in. 

Recently, news has been heard that even Naples will not hesitate to pay for Lee Kang-in’s buyout, so it seems certain that Mallorca will generate a considerable amount of income from the sale of Lee Kang-in. 

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