Lee Kyun-yong “President Yoon is a friend of a close friend… just know”

New Supreme Court Chief Justice Lee Gyun-yong visited the Supreme메이저놀이터 Court to meet with Chief Justice Kim Myung-soo, as is customary.

As he entered the Supreme Court, Candidate Lee told reporters, “What is a desirable court that meets the people’s expectations and demands by restoring the recently collapsed judicial trust and trial authority to serve freedom and rights and meet the people’s expectations and demands?” I will constantly reflect on it,” he said of his nomination.

As for expressing concern about the politicization of the judiciary, he said, “As I wrote in my article, there is nothing more to say in particular, and fairness and neutrality of trials are the basics of any country’s judicial system, so there is nothing more to say.” answered.

When asked about his relationship with President Seok-Yeol Yoon, he said, “Because he is a friend of my close friend, and at the time, there were 160 law students at Seoul National University, and there were only a few people studying for public exams. said.

Candidate Lee is known for his strong self-confidence and a style that doesn’t hesitate to show it. President Yoon Seok-yeol and Seoul High Court chief judge Lee Kyun-yong are known to be close. President Yoon’s nomination of Chief Justice Lee as the new Chief Justice seems to be because he was evaluated as a person who will lead the ‘conservativeization of the judiciary’.

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