‘Lee Kyung-eun plays a big role in the 4th quarter’ Shinhan Bank, Woori Bank’s 15 consecutive wins

Reporter Lee Sang-cheol = Women’s Professional Basketball (WKBL) Incheon Shinhan Bank blocked Asan Woori Bank’s 15-game winning streak.

Shinhan Bank beat Woori Bank 81-78 in the Shinhan Bank SOL 2022-23 Women’s Professional Basketball regular league home game held at Incheon Dowon Gymnasium on the 18th.

Shinhan Bank was pushed back 26-41 in the rebound battle, but took the victory by making 12 3-pointers. After leading by a double-digit score throughout the game, they allowed a tie right before the end, but Lee Kyung-eun played a decisive role and won a valuable victory.

4th place Shinhan Bank, which posted 9 wins (9 losses) of the season, recorded a win rate of 50%, catching up with Yongin Samsung Life Insurance and Busan BNK (above 11 wins and 7 losses) in 2nd place by two games.

Kim Jin-young scored 30 points (including 4 3-point shots), the most in a single game, and Lee Kyung-eun (15 points, 7 assists), Gooseul (15 points, 5 rebounds), and Sonia Kim (10 points, 8 rebounds) also contributed to the attack. In particular, Lee Kyung-eun scored 8 points only in the 4th quarter, which was a match.

Woori Bank was caught by Shinhan Bank and the winning streak stopped at 14 games. It has been 68 days since Woori Bank lost 74-85 in a game against Samsung Life Insurance on November 12 last year. Woori Bank’s season record was 17 wins and 2 losses.

Park Ji-hyun (21 points, 8 rebounds), Kim Dan-bi (19 points, 13 rebounds, 6 assists), and Park Da-jeong (14 points) worked hard, but could not prevent the team from losing.

In the beginning, Shinhan Bank’s firepower was hot. Shinhan Bank took a huge lead, 28-11, with six 3-pointers in the first quarter alone. Kim Jin-young scored 8 points and Sonia Kim scored 6 points, leading Shinhan Bank’s attack. On the other hand, Woori Bank’s shooting accuracy was poor and the turnover was excessive, and it was tied at 5 points in about 8 minutes and 40 seconds from the start of the game.

In the second quarter, Woori Bank counterattacked. Park Da-jeong scored two 3-pointers, and Kim Dan-bi also narrowed the gap by breaking through the blood of the attack.

However, Shinhan Bank also attacked with Kim Jin-young and beads, maintaining a double-digit score difference. At the end of the second quarter, the score was 44-30, 14 points. 메이저사이트

The two teams fought fiercely in the 3rd quarter, but the distance was seldom shortened. Shinhan Bank fought back with Han Chae-jin and Kim Jin-young, and Woori Bank with Park Ji-hyun. Shinhan Bank led by 67-55 until the third quarter.

However, the tide changed in the fourth quarter. As for Shinhan Bank, Sonia Kim’s 3-point shot missed the rim every time, and Woori Bank pulled the reins of the chase as it missed the gap. Danbi Kim showed explosive scoring power, and Jihyun Park’s successive shots passed the rim, tying the game at 74-74 3 minutes and 44 seconds before the end.

Lee Kyung-eun came out as a solver in this close game. Lee Kyung-eun put in a 2-point shot to take the lead back to 76-74, and then made a decisive 3-point shot with 1 minute and 52 seconds left.

In addition, Lee Kyung-eun put a wedge in the game by cutting off steals and opponent attacks 37 seconds before the end, leading 81-76.

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