Lee Seung-joon of Whimoonjung who wants ‘the beauty of the end’

Whimoonjung has achieved good results over the past few years.토토사이트 However, with the graduation of key players, it is evaluated that it has weakened this time. Lee Seung-jun, the ace of Whimoon Middle School, also acknowledged, saying, “Outside people say that our power has weakened.” However, “With this as motivation, I am working harder. I want to achieve better results than expected from the outside,” he said with confidence. To this end, I am sweating at the gym today.

When did you start playing basketball?
I’ve been playing basketball since I was very young. Maybe it was before kindergarten. But from then until the lower grades of elementary school, I just played ball. He played with the ball every day with his younger brother, so at that time he only knew shooting and dribbling.

Since when did he learn to play basketball?
In the third year of elementary school, he attended the SK youth basketball club. At that time, it was just close to my house, so I chose SK Youth Club. Then he went to the Samsung Youth Club to start playing basketball in earnest.

How was the Samsung Youth Club?
I think my friends at Samsung liked basketball more than my friends at SK. It seems that SK focused more on studying between studying and basketball.

When did you start competing?
I have been competing since I was in 3rd grade. I was given a lot of opportunities by participating in a competition held in Inje with my peers. I was eliminated in the quarterfinals, but I felt a lot. I thought I was good at basketball, but there are so many kids who are good at basketball (laughs).
So I think I worked out harder from then on. And from the 4th grade, we rose to the ranks of the strong team. In particular, I think I peaked by winning the KBL Youth Weekend League.

How were your grades after that?
I did well in 5th grade, but in 6th grade, there weren’t many competitions because of COVID-19. Our team’s strength is also weaker than before.

When did you start playing elite basketball?
I wasn’t sure about my career path until 6th grade. Until then, I kept thinking about it, but when I was in the first year of middle school, I was convinced. That’s when I started playing elite basketball.

It’s a different story, but do you have any friends from your youth club days until now?
(Lee) Hyeon-Hoo has been with me since the Samsung Club days. When playing basketball at the club, Hyeon-hoo was responsible for most of the scoring. I did a lot of the rest. (Laughs) It fit well then, and it fits really well now.

Do you have a reason for entering Whimoon Middle School?
It was just close to Whimoon Middle School at home. And the coach also said to me, ‘I will give you many opportunities if you come to Whimoon Middle School’. So, without hesitation, I chose Whimoon Middle School.

What is your first impression of elite basketball?
It was hard at first. It was hard to play basketball in a new environment, and physically it was really hard. But over time, I got used to it little by little.

What was the biggest difference between elite basketball and club basketball?
In club basketball, I focused on basic skills, especially offense. But at Whimoon, I spent a lot of time on defense training. The coach put a lot of emphasis on defense. I think the defense is better now than before.

Were there many motives?
5 people came together. Whimoon Middle School has no affiliated elementary school, so most of them came here while playing club basketball. I think that’s why I got along better, and I think that’s why I got along well with my classmates.

How were your grades in first grade?
The hyungs above did a great job. Thanks to that, in my freshman year, I won almost all of them. The hyungs were so good, I think from then on, I thought, ‘Can we win the championship like that next year?’ I also made up my mind with my classmates.

Then how are you now?
Actually, I don’t think it will be possible yet. (Laughs) But there is still time, so I will work harder. As time goes by, I want to get better grades. Above all, I want to achieve better grades than expected from outsiders.

How was your sophomore year?
My power in the second grade was worse than in the first grade. Still, I was runner-up twice. There were 4 older brothers, but one was out due to injury. So we got a chance too. I learned a lot while playing with the hyungs at that time. I think I grew up as I gained experience. In a way, I think that was the turning point in my basketball life. (Laughs)

How did you spend this winter training?
I did physical training as usual, and went to field training. There is an evaluation that our power is weak this time, but we used that as motivation to work harder. I think we became a better team through field training and physical training.

What’s your goal?
As a team, I just want to go higher. (Laughs) Winning is even better. Personally, I want to work hard and finish middle school well. so that there are no regrets

Finally, please introduce your basketball style.
I’m playing point guard. Especially in 2v2. You can create a chance through 2v2. My score is still lacking, but I try to give other friends a chance. I think that’s my greatest strength. I try to play creatively!

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